a man’s dinner jacket.

Nov 13, 2013

a man's dinner jacket.

i will be trying to highlight men’s trends every once in a while on the blog. we all have a dad, husband, boyfriend, brother, or friend that we need to shop for and hopefully this will help highlight some staple items they should have. if you’re anything like me i usually buy everything my husband and brother wear while adhering to some rules i know they secretly have. i.e. my husband will never wear a polo shirt (too fratty he says, high maintenance i know right?!?)

so one of my favorite looks on a man in the fall/winter is the dinner jacket. i’m not sure if it was our recent trip to italy but i can’t get enough of blazers and loafers! every man there looked impeccable and i decided american men need more dinner jacket’s in their life. with all the amazing materials and shades you find everyone should be able to have one that matches their personality and social needs.

the jackets on the left and in the middle hit lower price points while the two on the right are definitely luxe. again, it all comes down to whether this is an investment piece (and whether the man in your life even cares)

in the middle are a couple of my favorite ways to style these:

  • in warmer weather i love a crisp oxford underneath and you can always pass on the pocket square if you desire. (although, jcrew factory has some great ones right now)
  • the lower one is perfect for winter: layering patterns and textures underneath a blazer looks sharp. just make sure to keep one of your components a solid and you can play with the others, this will prevent it from becoming overwhelming.

try it out with your men and let me know how you liked them styled!

xox, shaheen


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  1. skenizzle says:

    Iam so proud of you. This is awesome!! Now come n visit so we can go shopping:) xx

  2. Cody says:

    I’m really digging the whole ensemble bottom center!