6 Black Dresses Perfect for Spring

Apr 1, 2019

black midi dress

Dress: Knot Sisters (more Knot Sisters here) | Handbag: Madewell, oldsimilar (more Madewell here) | Shoes: Ann Taylor, oldsimilar | Necklace: Gorjana (more Gorjana here) | Sunglasses: Ray Ban – also available here | Lips: Bare Minerals



Good morning friends! 

We are still recovering over here from our week in Austin but man was it nice to come home on a Thursday. Traveling during the week is so much less crowded and it was glorious to get home and have Zain at school Friday so Trevor and I could clean, un pack, do laundry, workout and get our life back in order. Coming home over the weekend usually feels like such a rush and we don’t usually have a whole week off so this was a real treat! 

I think I mentioned it before but Trevor was in Austin for a conference and we tagged along and now officially want to move. You guys all sent in the best recommendations and I will be sharing everything in the next few weeks! 

As for today, I am attempting to get a ton of work done, fit in a workout and stick to healthy eats. I just made this chicken detox soup again over the weekend and always forget how insanely good it is! I leave again on Wednesday for a work trip and need a serious detox till then! I’ll share more on my trip and travel over on Instagram and could not be more excited for this. 

As for today, I shared this dress on Instagram stories and already wore it again in Austin but I can not say enough good things. Midi dresses are my life over the spring and summer! As much as I like the way mini dresses look they just aren’t practical for me. I could never wear them around Zain and I would always be worried about my peach showing 😉 This was a new brand to me but so far I’m a huge fan. The dress has buttons the whole way up but the waist has elastic bands on each side so you can just throw it over your head. It also has pockets and the cutest ruffle detail on the shoulders. I will be wearing it all season with flats, heels and even sneakers and think it would look great dressed up for dinner too! 

I rounded up a few other black dresses I love for the season below and I hope you guys are having a great Monday! 







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