5 Ways To Put Yourself First

May 15, 2018


5 ways to put yourself first

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Happy Tuesday all!

I’m really hoping that this rainy cold weather turns around. I was loving the warm surge we’ve been having, it’s so much better for my mood and productivity. Anyone else? My mom actually lands in Chicago later this morning and Zain and I will be heading to pick her up at the airport. I know he will be ecstatic to see her and I am eternally grateful to her for coming up. I fly out tomorrow morning for a work project (more on that later!) and she has graciously offered to hang with Zain till I get back Friday. Now that we’ve caught up a little bit I thought I would share a little about why I wrote today’s post. 

I’m not sure I was void of this problem before parenthood but I most certainly struggle with it more nowadays. I am constantly hearing myself saying things like “I can’t” or “I don’t have time for this” As much as I want to take time for myself (said every mom/parent ever) I just don’t find myself really committing to it. 

Since I imagine many of you struggle with this same thing between work, life and everything else in between I thought I would share what I have been trying to do to make a little more time for myself these days. 


Decide that you need to put yourself first

This sounds simple but this was the first mental hurdle I needed to overcome. I would say I needed to get away but would then ignore myself and hang with Zain longer, not rest and find little time to myself. 


Decide how you want to spend your ‘me’ time

If you’re busy you won’t have a ton of free time so decide what you really want to spend this me time doing and plan around it. Granted I try to change it up every few weeks but I keep my routine very similar. 


Say no 

Just do it. As much as I want to be there for everyone and everything, I can’t. Say no to things more often and remember that sometimes you and your mental health need to come first. 


Create a daily ritual 

I started this ritual every evening and since it’s the same time and scenario every week, its’ easy for me to stick to it. I think doing something like this daily will make it quickly become a habit and be easier to make happen. 


Pamper Yourself 

Ahhh, this is so necessary. For me it’s exactly how I wanted to spend my ‘me time’ each night. Once Zain goes to sleep, I enjoy the longest shower and then meditate after. This hour or so is my alone time to take it easy, think slowly and really relax. 

Since it’s become such an important hour in my day I have really tried to step up my shower game. Since I’m not one for bath’s I wanted something that felt luxurious without the soak. After I started using the coconut shampoo and conditioner and became obsessed with them I was excited to try out the new Caress White Orchid and Coconut Milk Shower Foam. Obviously I love them smell but more importantly I am not a fan of loofah’s and this shower foam doesn’t require one! It is so thick and luxurious and honestly adds a whole other level to my relaxing evening showers.  


caress body foam

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caress body foam

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I grabbed mine at CVS and right now you can buy 2 Caress bottles for $10 and get $2 ExtraBucks. Let me know if you all try it and how you choose to make time for yourself! 



This post was sponsored by Mirum. As always, all opinions are my own and thank you for supporting brands that make Lows to Luxe possible!


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