5 Healthy Holiday Tips With Equinox

Dec 9, 2014

Happy almost Friday people! I know last week when I shared my detox recipe I told y’all how I’ve been struggling to stay healthy. Exercise is something I usually prioritize but with things getting so crazy during the holidays it’s ending up on the bottom of my to do list & I hate that. I sat down with two amazing ladies from Equinox here in Lincoln Park to ask them some burning questions I had that I thought y’all may enjoy too…


1. What’s the best way to stay active during the crazy holiday time? A failure to plan is a plan to fail. Plan out your week ahead every Sunday. Pick a group fitness class to take, invite a friend for a run or book a personal training session.  Make a plan and stay accountable!

2. Best advice for holiday eating? any tricks to ward off indulgences? Everything in moderation. When you arrive at a party, scan the food options. Fill your plate with veggies. And pick ONE dessert to indulge in – not all of them!  Also beware of hidden calories in cocktails.  These can quickly add up, so use moderation with your beverages too.

3. For someone just starting out what’s a good way to get their feet wet this holiday season? Commit to achievable goals. If you’re just starting out, commit to 20 minutes on a machine at the gym, or stay for half of a group fitness class. Something is better than nothing, and you will eventually build up your endurance.

4. Best workout for people with a short amount of time available? I love high-intensity interval training, mixing up both cardio and strength training. Short, intense bouts of exercise, with just enough recovery time in between to catch your breath and do it all over again. This is efficient, giving you the most bang for your buck!

5. One thing to avoid at all costs this holiday season? Unfortunately, you can’t out-exercise a bad diet. Don’t ruin all of your hard work at the gym by overindulging every chance you get.  Everything in moderation – sometimes extremes can set you up for failure, so if you exercise consistently, and indulge just a little, you shouldn’t feel like you’re completely depriving yourself.  Enjoy the holidays. But get back to clean eating and consistent exercise on January 1!



1. What’s the best way to stay active during the crazy holiday time? Carve out small chunks of time to do SOMETHING active…even just an extra loop around the block with the dog. Multi-task by spending time with family and friends doing active things such as a family game of flag football while the turkey cooks. Or use the cold weather to try something new, like an indoor climbing gym. The holidays are supposed to be about family. So stop online shopping, and go for a family walk and appreciate the changing seasons!

2. Best advice for holiday eating? any tricks to ward off indulgences? Enjoy everything in moderation! Try smaller amounts of any indulgences and you’ll be shocked at how a couple bites will satisfy your cravings just as much as eating the entire thing! You’ll feel better about enjoying it, too! Just remember that this probably isn’t the last meal you’ll ever get to eat…so don’t eat like it is!
 3. For someone just starting out what’s a good way to get their feet wet this holiday season? Start with small wins such as consistency! If you want to attack dessert consumption or portion control, allow yourself a number of small wins by setting yourself up for success (don’t go back for seconds at all; choose a smaller plate; eat slower; etc). If the exercise is your target, start with a couple short walks each day to just get into the habit of daily exercise. Having the in-laws around is a great excuse to go for a walk and maybe you’ll enjoy the extra company if they come along!

4. Best workout for people with a short amount of time available? Circuit training – include some strength and some cardio and jump from one exercise to the next. You’ll get the biggest bang for your buck with time because you’ll fit twice as many exercises into your workout. Wait to rest until you’ve completed a full round of the circuit and you’ll be amazed at how wiped out you’ll be!

5. One thing to avoid at all costs this holiday season? The holiday season is a tough time to avoid anything at all costs! This is the season when food or events I don’t normally consume/participate in are everywhere! Rather than avoiding anything “at all costs,” I ensure that I’m balanced enough in my eating and exercising to be able to enjoy a couple indulgences during the holidays. Balance is important! I’d rather have whipped cream on my pumpkin pie than a frilly coffee drink or alcoholic beverage, so I’ll avoid the “less enjoyable” indulgences in exchange for those I’ll love even more!

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equinox has been such an amazing support system & helped me get into shape when i had no motivation by thinking outside of the box with new classes like precision running & rooftop barre. they have generously offered my readers here in the city a free week pass to try out any of the locations and see if it helps you tackle your new goals. for more information & to get started email Alison Fyfe at alison.fyfe@equinox.com!




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  1. Jess Zimlich says:

    If I lived closer, I’d be all over this place! Great tips for the holiday season. I tend to over do it and these are good reminders to slow down and pay attention to my body 🙂

  2. Ashley says:

    Gorgeous post girl! Your photos have inspired me to actually start working out in my Lululemon pants! Love the boxing shot — so badass

  3. WAIT! This is my gym! Do you venture over to the LP location for classes?! We could be yoga/barre buddies 🙂 Also, Julie’s spin class is a killllller.
    Lauren at http://www.lakeshorelady.com