4 Houseplants Anyone Can Keep Alive

Mar 15, 2016

With our impending move I am fully focused on redecorating and adding some fun new elements to our living space. Since our new place will be much more open and have tons of natural light I am excited to add a few houseplants to the mix. I know I definitely want a tall plant next to my desk to make the area feel fresh and bright plus a few scattered around the house. I will be pinning all things home decor for the next few weeks  so make sure you are following along here!

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The real issue is that I’m not blessed with a what you would call a green thumb. Most house plants I have acquired have sadly not lived to tell the story but I’ll blame that on the lack of light in our place. I have been able to keep our little succulents afloat though so I feel like I am ready to move on to bigger and better things.

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  1. Cacti: I know to some it may seem a bit western but I love the way these look indoors. I think it’s perfect for almost any room and you only need to water them once a month! Indirect light is best and use a cactus fertilizer once a month to help you with growth.
  2. Palm Trees: Not all palm trees are easy to keep alive so make sure you check before buying but Kentia, Sentry, Queen & Butterfly palm are all fairly easily to maintain if kept with indirect sunlight. These are perfect for spaces where you want some height and I am debating this for our living room.
  3. Rubber Tree: I love the way this plant looks! It’s so shiny and bright and you can make it a great height for any room. Make sure to let the soil dry out before watering again and if you want to keep it shorter just prune any of the long stems! I think this is what I may try to have beside my desk and let it grow up to 8 ft.
  4. Peace Lily: I know this one is easy because I have it and it’ still alive, ha. It looks beautiful in a white marble pot I picked up at Alapash and adds some fun green and white colors to our living room. I rarely water it and if I notice it wilting and water it immediately it perks right up by the next day!

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In the next few weeks I hope to be sharing a lot more home decor and inspiration since I can always use a helping hand! I am so excited to finally create an office nook for myself and stop working from my couch – although if my home looked like the ones above I may not mind to be anywhere!


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  1. Michelle Starbuck says:

    I’ve had good luck with my split leaf philodendron, ZZ, and snake plants. All don’t require a lot of watering or sun. Check out gethsemane gardens in Andersonville.

  2. I have a green thumb when it comes to outdoor plants, but the ones in my house? I always seem to kill them. I think it has more to do with my apartment not getting much light than me killing them off.. or at least that’s what I tell myself!

  3. I kill everything, too, but Mitch and I have had our palm tree for like 7 months at this point and it’s still thriving! You’re right… it’s a miracle plant. 🙂

    Kelly | Kelly in the City

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