2022 Amazon Favorites

Feb 27, 2023

Good morning! 

How is everyone’s week going? The weather here has been beautiful and we had such a fun night at Zain’s school Trivia Night. Trevor and I took the opportunity to have a little date night at Bar Vetti. I know the reservations can be tricky but we love going early and grabbing a seat at the bar for dinner – highly recommend! 

As for today’s post I just wanted to expand on the Reel I shared this morning with a few Amazon favorites from this past year. I try to keep my Amazon Storefront updated and decluttered with only the essentials I share again and again. That way it is a useful place for anyone to reference! 


1. Cropped hoodie: truly my current second skin. I prefer this to the Lulu version and it works great with any high waisted bottom. So soft inside! TTS – I am in a small. 

2. Shape Tape Dupe: snagged this when I was looking for an affordable alternative to my holy grail shape tape for everyday. This has been perfect and is only $8! 

3. Crop Boxy Tee: I bought my first version of this years ago and when they discontinued it I was devastated. It’s back and now comes in stripes! Perfect for workouts and walks/weekends when it warms up. TTS

4. Bougie tissue cover: I now have these all over the house along with the pebbled leather option and love how they look. 

5. Celine sunglass dupes: my current most worn pair and only $14! 


Hope that was helpful and I hope you all have an amazing weekend! 



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