15 Newborn Essentials We Still Stand By

Oct 25, 2019

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Morning friends! 

Since it seems like most of my friends are pregnant or having their second or third child currently, I’ve been delving back into newborn essentials and passing some of my stuff along while also realizing how much of it we still use. 

Looking back it’s easier to pinpoint what was really necessary and what we could have gone without. We were pretty strict on what we bought since our place in Chicago was so tiny but there is always excess when it comes to babies, right? 

I rounded up 15 items we couldn’t have survived without and almost half if not more are still being used. One of our biggest costs in the beginning was formula so when Kroger reached out about their new Comforts formula that is not only affordable but now has improved assets, I was happy to spread the word. 

I talk more about my experience with breastfeeding here but it was one of the biggest struggles for me as a new mom. When Trevor and my mom finally convinced me to incorporate formula for a night feed so I could get some rest, it was a serious game changer. Every family is different but ‘Fed is Best’ is always my motto and I’m happy to see brands making an effort to provide quality product at a great price. We tried out several brands and sensitive formulas with Zain and since he tolerated them all so well, this could have been a huge cost saver for us. 

The new Comforts™ Infant Non-GMO formula is their closest formula to breast milk and is nutritionally tailored for infants, with DHA and choline to help support brain development. It’s comparable to the nutrition of Similac and Enfamil and you can save around $400 a year if you make the switch. We used another big box brand’s sensitive formula and it cost almost twice what this does so I hope this helps folks out and will also be our first attempt if we get lucky enough to expand our family. 


What are or were some of your newborn must haves? 


15 newborn essentials

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