Zain’s Favorite Things

Jun 19, 2019

zains favorite things

Post spaghetti dinner last night 🙂


Good afternoon friends! 

Sorry for the late post today but my original post for today ended up being shuffled around (hopefully coming next week!) and this was something I had been meaning to work on. With summer hopefully in full swing, I have been receiving several questions on products we are using for Zain. So, I thought it would be the perfect time to round up some of our current essentials and would love to hear from you all too! 


Toddler Table and Chairs: This is probably the most frequent question I get on Instagram! We love this table and chair set and it has been perfect for Zain. We usually cover the top with this butcher paper and just tape it underneath. That way he can color, paint, etc and we don’t have to worry about it. 


Micro Mini Scooter: This was a birthday present thanks to your suggestions and he has been obsessed with it. He’s not yet turning (he just picks it up and moves it haha) but I think it will be great as he grows. 


Radio Flyer Helmet: This is the helmet we bought that he uses while he’s riding his tricycle and scooter. Fits well and doesn’t move around a ton!


Magna Tiles: This is his favorite! We have two sets and it’s almost exclusively the only ‘toy’ he plays with. He’s gotten so great at building structures and also enjoys smashing them but I can’t recommend them enough. 


Step 2 Water Table: We bought this last year to use over the summer and it’s held up so well and already made a world of difference this year. He will keep himself occupied for hours with it which is a lifesaver for us. 


Tee’s and Shorts: Almost all of his clothes currently are from Cat & Jack or hand me down’s. The line is so cute and you can’t beat the prices!


Water Shoes and Sneakers: Okay, we just did a bit of a revamp in the category. I snagged these knock off Native water shoes, these water sneakers and these sneakers all this month. He was growing out of his shoes and as much as I like the simple water shoes I wanted something a bit more sturdy for the splash pad and Zoo trips. 


Water Cup & Snack Pouches: Zain mostly drinks from a cup now like us but when we are traveling around I still take these weighted straw cups. I also get a lot of questions on our reusable snack bags and I can’t recommend them enough. They are easy, dishwasher safe and seal really well. 


Books: Besides his Magna Tiles, we spend most of our time reading. It’s been raining so much here that we have been making several trips to the library and Barnes and Noble. His current favorites are this Taco book, P is for Potty book and this Dinosaur Pop-up book


Hats: This is another category I just restocked. He had grown out of all of his summer hats from last year so I bought this baseball cap in a bigger size (we had the same one last year and loved it!) and this floppy sun hat


Swimsuits: We have this shorts and top set and this one piece that I love! I snagged the one piece on sale and love that it has SPF in it and there is no top riding up while he’s in the water. 


Sleep sack: Yes, I still put him in a sleep sack and probably will as long as he will let me 😉 This is the one we currently use. 


Uppababy Minu Stroller: I almost exclusively use this travel stroller now. The basket and pocket are big enough to keep my backpack and random things and it is so light! Not to mention, it breaks down and opens up with one hand and fits in an overhead compartment. We previously had another travel stroller and the plastic wheels made the ride feel so uneasy. I don’t know if Zain is just a big boy but several times I thought the whole stroller was going to tip over. This stroller has sturdy wheels like our Cruz and I love it! 


Maxi Cosi Pria Car Seat: This is our main car seat and the one I keep in my car. It’s still rear facing and I love it! The cover comes right off so I can throw it in the wash and it’s so much sturdier and easy to adjust than the versions we have in my mom and Trevor’s car in my opinion.  


Outdoor Play mat: I just recently got this play mat and we have loved it. I use it occasionally underneath his high chair and think I would have used it way more when he was smaller as a food catcher. I purchased it recently for outdoor activities! It folds up so small and is wipeable so it’s nice for the backyard, parks or really any trip. It comes in a straight and scallop edge!





Also, if any of you have recommendations on swim floats for him please send them my way! 



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