Zain’s Big Boy Room

Mar 9, 2020

Wallpaper: Rocky Mountain Decals – love this and this too! | Chair: Urban Outfitters | Side Table: Target | Lamp: Target | Shelves: Target | Animal Heads: Target – similar | Curtain Rods: Wayfair | Curtains: West Elm – the best blackout curtains ever! I know they are pricey but so worth it. | Plant: IKEA – similar



It’s LIVE! 

I’m not sure anyone is more excited to see this room done than me. When we moved into our house a little over a year ago I essentially just took everything we had in Zain’s nursery in Chicago and made it work in this room. I added a piece here and there but knew that he wasn’t going to stay in a crib forever and didn’t want to make too many design decisions until we transitioned out of it. However, this room is much larger than the closet we made a nursery before so it’s felt kind of empty and incomplete. 

So when we recently transitioned him out of his crib and he seemed excited about a big boy bed I was ecstatic. Designing this room has taken a very long time but that may be because I’m pregnant and moving slow as molasses these days. I feel like I constantly have 20 browsers open and am having a hard time focusing and completing a project. 

Now that it’s done, I am thrilled with how much he enjoys it and I finally feel like it’s lived in. The room has his personality and I love that it has more of a cozy feel to it. Decorating a house takes time and as ours has moved along it’s rewarding to have it feel more lived in and like us. 

I included everything in his room I could below and tried to provide as much detail as possible. If you have any questions at all just send them my way! 



Fan/Light: Home Depot | Bed: IKEA – love this too! | Tapestry: Society 6 | Sheets: Target – Zain picked these sheets out himself and they are so incredibly silky and soft | Comforter Set: Target – it’s shockingly hard to find quality comforter sets that have great designs. Virtually everyone sells a duvet and I preferred a comforter for Zain so that it wouldn’t get bunched. When this one arrived I was thrilled, so soft and the colors are perfect! I Pouf: Lulu & Georgia – we’ve had this for over 5 years and the quality is great!| Nightstand/Shelf: IKEA | Wicker Baskets: IKEA – love these too | Stuffed Animals: Cuddle + Kind | Piggy Bank: Target | Lamp: Homegoods – similar | Planter: World Market | Faux Plant: Pottery Barn | Nightlight/Sound Machine: Hatch  | Picture Frame: Crate & Barrel


Tapestry: Society 6 – I had such a hard time figuring out what I wanted to do here. I originally planned on wallpapering this wall but it was so large I thought the pattern may get overwhelming. I didn’t want anything heavy that Zain could pull down above his bed which left very few options. I finally stumbled on this tapestry and love it! Zain loves chatting about the countries and what animals live where so it’s been a win win. 


Large Print: Minted | Chicago Print: Minted | Train Set:  Etsy | Blocks: Nordstrom | Hand: IKEA 


Blanket: Little Unicorn – we have had this since Zain was born and used it so much! | Rug: Wayfairsimilar 








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  1. Stacy Sprangers says:

    What a cute room! I can’t believe he’s got a fireplace in his room, how magical!