Zains 2 Year Update Plus Birthday Party Pictures

May 31, 2019

zains 2 year update

Whenever someone tells Zain to smile he automatically scrunches his nose and says “cheeeseeeeee” 


Happy Friday friends! 

I don’t know why this short week has seemed so crazy but I am happy to see Friday. The forecast for the weekend looks great and we have absolutely no plans which is just what I had hoped for. After being out of town last week I am excited to take it slow and spend lots of time outside. 

I did get out with some girlfriends last night which was fun! Grace and I headed to White’s Mercantile for an event Danielle’s PR Company was throwing and then grabbed a drink after. I feel like I get out with girlfriends less in Louisville so it’s nice to sneak away every now and then. 

I wanted to share a little update on Zain and some pictures from his fiesta today 🙂 


When is he sleeping? 

He is taking one nap a day and goes down between noon and 1pm and sleeps for 2 to 3 hours. When he’s at school he usually sleeps for a shorter time, but I expect that and I’m glad he has the days between at home to catch up. 

He is now going to bed between 7 and 8pm and wakes up around 7am. He’s recently been sleeping later and I don’t want to jinx it but it’s amazing when he wakes up and just plays in his crib. 

The night terrors/middle of the night crying have seemingly stopped which is great but he does still talk in his sleep. I will sometimes hear him saying random things like ‘mama sit’ or ‘no, mine!’ while he’s in bed 🙂 


What is he eating? 

Whatever we are having for family dinner. Now that he stays up a little later and Trevor usually gets home in time, it’s very rare that we don’t eat together. I was so happy to hear from some of you that your toddler was better about eating when doing it together, that is definitely what has worked for us!

Current favorite snacks are: honey grahams, animal crackers, applesauce, cheese, graham crackers and any kind of fruit!


Is he talking? 

So much! Thank you again for all your helpful suggestions in this post. After being so worried it was almost like a switch went off and he just started repeating everything he heard. We now have to be very careful about what we say. I stubbed my toe the other day and let out a less than kosher expletive and he just repeated it all day…#momfail.

He’s now started putting full sentences together and really formulating his own thoughts, which is so exciting to see. Trevor and I were just talking about how wild it is that he has his own little personality and is starting to verbally express. We are currently working on colors and the alphabet with the help of this puzzle


Current products you can’t live without? 

Day to day there are a few things we use regularly that I would recommend and I tried to round those up below. I have been using our Uppababy Minu much more regularly since it’s just so light and compact. We also are still so happy with his high chair. When we all eat together at the table it’s the perfect height to take off his tray and just push him up to the table which is wonderful! I also included his art supplies since people have been asking and let me tell you, the spill proof containers are actually super helpful! 

I also recently got this high chair mat that has been a lifesaver. I normally wipe his chair down every night and vacuum under the table but this has been so helpful. I use it under his chair so I can just wipe it off afterward and we take it on the go. We’ve used it at the park, friends house, our backyard, you name it! It comes in a scallop edge too!

Another thing we never leave the house without are these bags! I use them for my cosmetics when we travel and for all of Zain’s things and snacks! They can be thrown in the dishwasher and have so durable. I have several different sizes and use them all!





Hope you all are having a wonderful week and cheers to Friday! 


fiesta themed kids party

The Costco margarita’s were a big hit! I bought the pre mixed bottles and put them in the freezer for 6 hours before the party and they were the perfect consistency!

cactus themed party

I thought these plates were such a cute touch 🙂

kids fiesta themed party

The piñata was a huge hit with the kids!

kids fiesta themed cake

Scarlett’s Bakery did such an amazing job with the cake and I was so happy to support such an amazing business! 

toddler boy style

Kid loves a water table…

toddler boy fashion

and chips 😉

two year old party

two year old party

He’s really into saying “TWOOOOO” and showing his fingers!

zains 2 year update

I really can’t believe what a sweet, kind, loving boy he is! We are so very lucky and I could not be more proud to be his mama 🙂



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