Zain’s 18 Month Update

Dec 7, 2018

zains 18 month update

Why does he look like such a big boy?!


Morning friends! 

How is everyone’s week going? I am beyond ready for the weekend but also freaked out that Christmas is right around the corner. We are actually heading to Trevor’s parent’s place the week before Christmas since he is working the holiday so I need to get everything in order before then. Have you all finished your shopping? Luckily, we just do kid’s gifts now and they are nothing crazy so it’s not a ton of stress. Since it’s been a while since I shared an update on Zain and his schedule, foods, etc I thought now would be the perfect time!


When is he sleeping? 

He still has his usual bedtime between 6-7pm. It just depends on if he’s at school or not, how well he napped, etc. He wakes up between 6-7am and is definitely a morning person like his parents. I guess I’m not sure if we are morning people but we have always gotten up early. Even before we had a kid Trevor and I would wake up at 7am on weekends and have coffee.

As far as naps, he is still on 2 when he’s home with me during the week and weekends and one at daycare. I was fighting it in the beginning but my kid likes to sleep and why would I stop him? 🙂 Some days he skips one and that’s fine but if not he naps at 9am and 1pm. Both of those are usually a solid 2 hours!


What is he eating? 

Everything! I shared a post on some of his favorite foods a little while ago but I have really  tried to introduce him to a variety of foods lately. We try all ethnicity’s and I’m happy to say he loves Indian food 🙂 Recent favorites are Dr.Praeger’s which we find at Whole Foods, Happy Baby Yogurt and spinach!


Is he talking? 

Yes and no 😉 He makes plenty of noise from his mouth (where are my toddler moms?) but has about 10 words he says regularly. Everyday I feel like we are adding new ones but he may say something once and then not again. We are trying to be really conscious of reading to him during the day and getting 3-5 books in at night before bed. Any other tips mama’s?


Current favorite products for him? 

Oh man, so many cute finds lately! This Uppababy Minu travel stroller has been wonderful. It fits in an overhead bin on an airplane and I will be sharing full details on it soon but for now just know it’s the greatest. These mega blocks have been a big hit lately and I just picked out this kitchen for him from my parents for Christmas and this table from Trevor’s. I ordered a ton of art supplies and can’t wait for him to have somewhere to be creative so I will update you once it’s all here!





Hope you guys are having a great Friday and cheers to the weekend!


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  1. Kristin says:

    Reading, reading, and more readings for words! And lots of conversation, counting, naming colors, etc. Stuff that’s already happening :).

    • shaheen khan says:

      Yes! We are trying to be really conscious of talking through things and telling him everything 🙂 Everyone keeps telling me soon I will wish he would stop talking haha!


    Love the updates, makes me nostalgic for the toddler days! Read to him, read to him, read to him. That is the best advice anyone over gave to me. I made sure he could see the words while I was reading to him. All children are different but I believe the time we took reading to my son is the reason he was reading at 4 (brag alert) and why he loves to read now at 8. He is super cute and looks like a happy little guy!

  3. Mallory says:

    Growing so fast! I’ve been following your journey with Zain since pregnancy! My son is a couple weeks younger than Zain so I can related to sooo many of your posts! Love love love all your product/gear/clothing recommendations! Thank you 🙂

  4. Kristin says:

    As a reader who is also a speech language pathologist, my biggest tip would be to act like a sports commentator in his life! Describe with words all that he is doing. Avoid questions- just describe! If you look up parallel and self talk, you’ll get more info on this 🙂 Reading is wonderful too.

  5. Malini says:

    Love love love your update!! My daughter is exactly 1 month younger than Zain and I’ve been following your journey since they were just a few months old. Thank you for all of your tips and recommendations!! All the best to you and your little guy!