Zain’s 1 Year Schedule

July 23, 2018

zains one year schedule

Park day with mom & dad before Trevor starts work again 🙁


Morning all! 

It’s been a while since I’ve shared an update on Zain and since I’ve been getting a lot of questions on his sleep and food schedule I thought this would be easier! I honestly can’t believe his first birthday has come and gone and my baby boy is almost 14 months old! Sometimes I look at him and he looks like such a grown little boy and it kind of breaks my heart. I simultaneously am so excited he is walking and talking and learning new things and also sad that he doesn’t look like a baby at all anymore. How does it all happen so fast? 

I figured I would just break down the FAQ below and you can leave any additional questions in the comments!


When is Zain sleeping? 

We are still doing dinner at 5pm, bath time at 6pm and he’s down by 6:30pm or so as far as a night time routine. Sometimes we push it if we need to but we can tell how sleepy he gets when we do. We are also still mostly doing two naps a day but moving more towards one. Most people and his doctor have recommended him being on one nap a day around 16 months but he is starting daycare this next week and their schedule revolves around one nap at 1pm. He usually wakes up anywhere between 7:30 and 8am and if we are doing two naps takes a long one around 10am and usually sleeps till Noon. After that I kind of play it by ear and if he needs another I will out him down around 2:30 or 3pm and he may sleep for an hour or hour and a half. Earlier in the month I started pushing that first nap later and later but he just wasn’t getting enough sleep and I felt like he wasn’t ready. I will update you guys once we start daycare on how it’s going! 


Is he still using a bottle? 

Ugh, yes. Very sparingly. He only drinks milk maybe once a day in the morning and sometimes after dinner but he refuses to drink milk out of anything but his bottle. He has been using a straw and sippy cup since he was around 6 months old and will drink water out of it with no problem. I attempted to break the habit before we moved but he was experiencing so many changes with his sleep and the move that I didn’t want to pile on. So, we are currently trying a few different methods and I plan on sharing a post on how we transitioned him off bottles next month for those of you that aren’t there yet. 


What is he eating? 

Everything! I will say we are lucky when it comes to meal times because Zain loves food. I shared a post on how we introduced solids and it really was a mix of baby led weaning and me feeding him. He still eats pouches on the go if he’s in the mood but really prefers whole food. I try to give him a good balance of protein, veggies and fruit and yogurt. Most days he eats what we are eating and I love the Happy Baby Organics snacks, Goldfish, and yogurt in between meals. He also loves oatmeal, pancakes, waffles, chicken, sweet potatoes, avocado, beans, cheese. The list goes on! He usually has a breakfast, lunch and dinner at the table with us and then two snacks during the day. 


Is he walking? 

Yes! Zain started taking steps and walking while holding onto something a long time ago but it took him a while to really do it on his own. I kept waiting and trying to help him build confidence but I think kids just do things when they are ready. He’s now walking around on his own but mostly looks like a drunk man and has his share of falls. 


Where do you shop for Zain? 

I always get questions on this and I try to only buy affordable things he can reuse often. I shared a post earlier this year and it still rings true! Cat and Jack at Target is also one of my go to’s and I love their pocket tee’s and shorts on him. I shared some of our favorite current products for Zain below and if you have any questions about any of them just let me know!





Hope this sheds a little light on his schedule and if you have any other questions just leave them below!


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