This Year’s Best Booties

Nov 17, 2017

Morning, guys! How has your week been? It has gotten insanely cold around here but after a busy week we are really looking forward to this weekend. We have absolutely zero plans on the books and I’m excited to have a little down time before the holidays really get in full swing. How was your week? 

Today I thought I would talk about one of my favorite topics for fall and winter, boots. Specifically over the knee boots (did you catch last week’s post on how to shop them?) and booties. Since we already covered one, I thought I would round up some of the years best booties from around the web and why I love the ones I have so much.


years best booties

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In my opinion, booties are the easiest shoe to wear during winter and fall (besides sneakers, duh) They go with just about anything and are oh so comfortable. I generally stick to neutral colors like most of my wardrobe but sometimes pick up an olive or rust colored boot. I feel like those two colors work so well with neutral colors and add a fun pop to your look. I just recently jumped on the white boot bandwagon so look out for a post on how to style them next week. I know they aren’t for everyone but hopefully the post will give you some inspiration if you are into them! 

Since boots are such a staple in a woman’s winter wardrobe you want to make sure what you are getting is comfortable. Since I own a few of these I wanted to share which one and why I love them oh so much!


Sam Edelman Petty Chelsea Boot


I mentioned this boot last week sometime but it’s a tried and true staple! I have friends (Hi, Kelly!) that have written entire blog posts about why they love this shoe so much and trust me when I tell you they’ll never steer you wrong. You can walk all day in these and never even notice and they go with almost anything. The fact that they have a tiny heel makes them easy to dress up or down without having to feel pain from a high heel. 


Kendall and Kylie Finley Bootie


Don’t be fooled, I was very timid to buy these last year. First off I’m hesitant of buying anything the Kardashians make (not that I don’t love them just worried about quality) not to mention the price point was higher than what I would have thought. After searching high and low for an olive bootie I liked and coming up with nothing else, I decided to try them out. Well, I’m glad I did! These are probably my most worn pair of booties and the fit and style is amazing. They didn’t release this color again this year but instead came out with an amazing taupe color and a black leather. If you’re looking for a pointed boot, go for it! 


Steven Lieve Block Heel Ankle Booties


I really wanted a pair of ankle boots that felt ‘sock like’ and these were what I settled on. I just got them so have been testing them out and am happy so far. The price tag was reasonable and I loved the grey color! 





The rest of the booties I choose are either ones I’ve tried on and liked or ones friends swear by (fashion blogger friends try lots of boots!) I know most of these booties show up in neutral but almost all of them also come in black also and a few even come in a really pretty olive color so if you like a style just click through to see the color options!


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