What I’m Packing In My Hospital Bag The Second Time Around

May 21, 2020


Good morning friends!

I can’t believe it’s already time for me to pack my bags for the hospital and I might still be in a bit of denial. Since Zain came very unexpectedly three weeks early I didn’t necessarily have my stuff together and honestly don’t even remember what I had packed. 

Since you all always have the best advice, I asked for your must haves over on Instagram. I decided to share what I’m personally packing in my bag and also a list with everything that was sent in below. I will say on the scale of more vs. less, I am definitely a less kind of girl. Last time around, I didn’t take a ton of outfits for Zain, anything fancy for me to wear (the hospital gown was fine) or a ton of beauty products and I’m going to try to do that again. 

I also know things will be a little different with Covid-19 and don’t want to take anything to the hospital that I don’t have too because of germs. I also think I will be in and out much quicker than last time! I tried to link to exactly what I own and am taking with me below. Most of this stuff I had on hand from when I had Zain and we all know I am a loyal Barefoot Dreams gal so whether you are having a baby or not, I highly recommend! 



What I’m Packing 


Button Top Pajama Set – I have had this pajama set since before I had Zain and swear by it. It’s perfectly loose and comfy and the buttons come in very handy for feeding.

Toiletries – a tiny shampoo, bar of soap, hairbrush, toothbrush, floss, lotion, chapstick, hair tie.

Nursing Bra – These are the bras I lived in when nursing Zain and plan to use again.

Nursing Tank – Same goes for these tanks! I plan on taking the same tank to the hospital that I did with Zain. I have also heard these tanks from Target are amazing!

Leggings and Tee to leave hospital 

Water Bottle

Long Phone Charger – This was a great suggestion sent in by several people that I hadn’t thought about so I ordered!

Robe – Same robe as last time and honestly hoping to keep it in my bag unless I really need it.

Nipple Cream – I used something different last time but heard great things about this brand so ordered it a few weeks ago.

Baby’s First Outfit – Ummm, I need to order this soon. Any favorites?

Slippers – Taking this old pair so I can toss them when we leave the hospital! If you happen to be looking for a pair these have been great and are inexpensive.

Fuzzy Socks – Ordered these to take and toss too!

Camera – I took photos of Zain last time around and will hopefully this time too! I know a lot of people use the hospital photographer but I’ve heard the service is mostly unavailable now so may be a good idea to take your own! 

Long Cardigan – I am always cold so generally have a cardigan with me everywhere I go but this was also highly suggested.

Snacks!!! Trevor is in charge of this 🙂 I am going to check with my OB closer to time but we may take a tiny cooler with food and drinks in case we can’t leave our room once we check in. 



Other Recommendations:



Baby Book

Nursing Pillow – This is the pillow I used with Zain and will again with the new baby! Simple and effective.

Face Wash Wipes

Clip on Fan – This was recommended a lot especially if you are scheduled for a c-section!

Your own Pillow

Blanket – You know I’m a loyal fan and own several. As much as I want to take one, I’m not certain I will with the germs :/

Portable Speaker

Hand Pump

Essential Oils

Pregnancy Pillow – This is the pillow I have and it is so large I can’t imagine taking it with me but might be a good idea if you have a smaller one!


Frida Postpartum Set

Eye Mask

Depends – Last time I wore the mesh undies during my hospital stay and all of recovery really but many of you said these were way better so I ordered some to have at home.

Older Sibling Outfit 

Big Sibling Gift – Zain won’t be coming to the hospital (or anyone else for that matter) so these last two don’t currently apply but wanted to include them for when the time passes. We will have a little gift for him from his sister for when we bring her home! 




I hope this was helpful and if you think I missed anything big please let me know! I’m honestly a little shocked we are so close and realizing I need to get my things together!!!


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