The New Dry Shampoo I Can’t Live Without

Feb 28, 2020

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Good morning and HAPPY FRIDAY friends! 

Today’s post is all about beauty and for me quick and approachable beauty. It’s no secret that I am a dry shampoo fan and my biggest issue with most that I’ve tried and liked is that they often leave a whitish residue in my dark hair that can be hard to work through. I know many of you feel the same since I often get DM’s about the same issue from you all. 

The concept was born when a group of scientists trying to create a product that would work for a diverse set of hair types. At the same time, the city of Cape Town was anticipating running out of clean water and became the testing site for the new products. They hoped to achieve a product that could provide clean and refreshed hair without using a single drop of water and they did! These products are now available in the U.S. !

For me, dry shampoo is most useful for me in the mornings before work! It’s always a bit chaotic since I’m trying to get Zain and myself ready alone. Trevor starts work at 7am so he’s usually gone by the time Zain wakes up and we all know getting out the door with a toddler can be an experience. I usually shower after work so dry shampoo makes it possible for me to get ready and keep my hair looking clean and tailored. 

Since my hair is fine, it gets oily quick! I spray it evenly on my roots and make sure to rub it. It leaves absolutely no residue and keeps my hair looking like I just washed it which is a lifesaver. I’ve tested out the Waterl<ss Dry Shampoo and Dry Conditioner and both work great! If you haven’t used a Dry Conditioner before they are meant to be sprayed towards the end of your hair. It adds moisture to revive the ends if you need it. Since I usually wear my hair up after using the Dry Shampoo, I don’t need it as much but if you style your hair down it’s a great product!

This week at your local CVS, you can get two Waterl<ss products and receive $4 off your purchase. AND when you spend $20 online, you will receive $5 Extrabucks. These offers are only available from 2/23 – 2/29.

Do you all use Dry Shampoo? Share your secrets! 





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  1. Zoe Stauss says:

    I’ve never tried a dry conditioner but I’m adding it to my list, thanks for sharing!