How We Get Around The City With A Baby

Sep 22, 2017

uppa baby cruz


UPPAbaby CRUZ Stroller (Also here) | UPPAbaby MESA Car Seat (Also here


Parenthood has been such a wild and rewarding journey thus far and we have been enjoying every second of it. Well, besides the early stages of gassiness and sleep deprivation. I knew having a baby in the city would have it’s own set of challenges and one of them has been figuring out the best way to get around the city. 

Space is not a luxury we have so when we started looking into strollers and car seats we knew we needed something that was compact, easy to carry and store and converted well. Word of mouth and recommendations from family and friends was how we chose most of our stuff and our friends in the city overwhelmingly recommended the UPPAbaby CRUZ. Everyone bragged about how easy it was to navigate on the sidewalks, fold up for travel and lightweight! 

Well, I’m here to tell you this is all true.

Last week we headed to the Green City Market in Lincoln Park to explore the produce, pick up some fresh flowers and have lunch in the park. If you haven’t been, it’s an absolute must and definitely try the fresh Our House Pizza. We ordered the veggie and they fire it up right in front of you to enjoy while you’re walking around or spending the day on a picnic blanket. We had our pizza in the grass before we headed over to the Lincoln Park Zoo!

Zain is obviously a little small to fully soak up the zoo. Hence, he slept half the time but was wide awake when we got to the penguin exhibit and Trevor had the best time showing him them! Making it from our place in Bucktown to the Farmers Market, Zoo and then back home again is such a breeze with out UPPAbaby travel system and I can’t tell you how much of a difference that make in our life. I thought I would break down some of our favorite features for you guys and if you are in the market and have any questions, please send them my way! 


lincoln park chicago


It’s Compact.


This makes all the difference. Getting around the city on the crowded sidewalks with tons of pedestrians could get real old if you didn’t have something small and easily maneuverable. It’s funny how once you have a stroller you notice others and I take it as a good sign that almost every person I see in the city has this model. The wheels are great for off roading if I need it and the aluminum is so lightweight. The fact that I can lift it, break it down and carry it up stairs is a game changer and makes my arms very happy.


chicago mom blogger

Top: Madewell (I seriously live in their shirts and swear by them, fit true to size and even run a little big!) | Shorts: Madewell | Shoes: Birkenstock – this new version is super cute and so affordable! | Sunglasses: Nordstrom


green city market

green city market


The Whole System Works Together


Since Zain will often fall asleep in his car seat on a drive or stroller ride, it’s amazing that our car seat just clicks in and out of the stroller. We never have to worry about waking him up when we get home or arrive at our destination and can seamlessly transfer him from car to house. When I usually bring him inside the house he will happily nap in the car seat for hours before waking up. 

The stroller comes with a seat of it’s own and we will eventually transfer Zain once he gets a little bigger but for now this is perfect. I can’t reccomend a travel system more, it really is so much more convenient than a stand alone unit. 


uppababy mesa car seat

uppababy mesa

green city market pizza

uppababy mesa car seat

Stroller Rattles: Land of Nod | Muslin: Nordstrom


It’s Pretty


Yes, I am aware that Zain does not care about this at all but it’s an added bonus that the stroller is so beautiful. They had just released this new design when I was expecting and I was ecstatic to see it. The Blue Marl is the perfect chambray color and this MESA car seat is the first-to-market naturally flame retardant! The wool is extremely soft and although I was worried about it’s breathability it’s been perfect during the summer and cooler months. The leather touches are an added bonus and I think the stroller looks so unique and sleek in design. 

I’m sure Zain will appreciate it one day. 


uppababy cruz stroller

chicago mom blogger


It Has Great Storage


A lot of the strollers I had looked at previously didn’t have a ton of room and I was really concerned about that. I didn’t want to be lugging around ten bags on my arms while pushing a stroller. I was happy to see the basket underneath the CRUZ was so roomy! I can fit my entire diaper bag backpack, muslins, pacifiers, travel changing pad and more underneath with plenty of room to spare. It’s also convenient to grab things out from and the two pockets on the inside of the cargo carrier are great for my keys and phone. 


uppbaby cruz stroller

mom blogger

chicago mom blogger



This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of UPPAbaby. The opinions and text are all mine.



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