Zain’s Favorite Foods

Oct 3, 2018

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Can we talk about how tiny my bubba was? He still eats eggs, avocado and spinach for breakfast a lot. I also listed our favorite gear for eating below!


Happy Wednesday friends!

Hope you are all having a great week so far and enjoying this beautiful fall weather. I have been living in this cozy fleece and joggers and loving life over here. I forgot how much I loved this cooler weather and we have been trying to spend as much time outside on the porch and at parks as possible. 

Today’s post is a reader requested one! I get a lot of questions about what we feed Zain, send with him for lunch at school, etc so I thought it may be nice to share everything here and of course hear from you all! I get most of my best mom idea’s from you all over on Instagram so thank you for that. In case you missed it, I have already shared how we transitioned Zain off bottles and how we started him on solids in case y’all have younger babes. 

So, my goal is to have a good mix of homemade food and snacks as well as frozen/packaged goods on hand. In a perfect world it would be great to make everything he eats but that will never happen and some days I’m just giving him random things out of the fridge. In general, Zain eats what we eat but since we eat at different times (we usually don’t eat dinner till after he goes to bed) I like to have things ready. 


Stuff I prep at the start of the week: 

Random Veggies: I roast whatever I have on hand for us in olive oil and keep it in bulk in the fridge. It’s great for our meals and his!


Butternut Squash: I roast and puree these and he loves them. You can always season them with cinnamon or something yummy but I prefer to leave Zain’s food plain since he doesn’t know the difference and loves it either way. I’ve also seen Alexia frozen purees that I’m sure are awesome too! 


Sweet Potatoes: These are a favorite of his and ours so I wrap the potatoes in aluminum foil and roast them for about an hour or so on Sunday. Zain eats his whole like a banana which cracks me up but is wonderful. If your child doesn’t like the skin I would just scoop it all out into a container and keep it in the fridge!


Auntie Anne’s Mac n Cheese: Not going to lie, Trevor and I ate this before we had Zain haha. I now make a box at the start of the week to have on hand. 



Snacks I keep on hand:

Graham Crackers: These are again for us and him. We usually spread peanut butter on these for him and he loves it. Trader Joe’s also has some great organic tiny peanut butter cracker sandwiches he loves. 


Cheese: Always a staple here! You can either buy the big blocks and just slice them or I love the pre packaged chunks to send with him to school. 


Yogurt Pouches: Zain will eat the normal pouches but doesn’t love them so I tend to only buy the organic whole milk yogurt ones for him. Happy Baby is a favorite brand and I get plain most of the time!


Fruit: I keep bananas and green grapes around since he loves those somedays! I also try to make him smoothies during the week and sneak some spinach in those. 


Frozen Foods: 

Kids Fresh: These are our favorite! Zain does not like the cauliflower tots (I think the chunks are too big) but he cannot get enough of the ‘chicken nuggets’ and ‘chicken meatballs’ I love this brand because not only is it organic, etc but they are made with tons of vegetables and taste great. 


Alexia: This brand was a favorite of ours before and has a ton of pureed vegetable sides you can grab to keep in the freezer plus their sweet potato fries are great.


Dr.Praegers: Someone on Instagram told me about this brand at Whole Foods and he’s liked everything we have tried so far!


Veggie Tots Broccoli Tots: LOVES these! I’m not sure if it’s the consistency but he likes these a lot and so many of you messaged me and said your kids loved them too. 



Beyond these staples, I just feed him whatever we are having and try to make sure he has a protein and veggie at every meal. He also snacks on Parle-G biscuits (an Indian staple) and we treat him to the tiny Trader Joe’s ice cream cones from time to time. They are the perfect size for kids! 

I try to expose him to all types of foods and he eats Indian food a few times a week. He seems to tolerate spicy food well so we’ll see. If you guys have any easy go to’s you keep on hand, please share! 


Our tried and true chair! I can not tell you how much we love this thing. Now that he’s older, I’ve taken off the cushions and it is so incredibly easy to clean every day. The cushions are also machine washable!

Love this mat and it actually stock to the tray. It’s easy to serve but let’s be real a lot of food ends up on the floor 😉 

Someone gave us this plate as a gift and he’s always liked it. 

We use a variety of cups now but these are what we started him on since they had the weight at the bottom. Now he will use almost anything!

The only bib we really use now although we don’t use one often! 

These are the placemats we use when we go out. Easy to stick on and dispose of after! 


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  1. Blair Staky says:

    YAY! So happy you posted this, I always need new ideas!