Thoughts On Our Kitchen Remodel

Dec 8, 2020

Design & Image via Studio Mcgee

This kitchen is a bit too light/white/traditional for me but I love the hood!



I’ve been receiving some questions as well as some wonderful advice concerning our upcoming kitchen renovation. In case you missed my Instagram Stories, we will be remodeling our kitchen early next year. I went ahead and started a ‘Kitchen’ highlight so everything could be saved in one place in case you are curious about the layout and changes we have planned. 

All in all, it is a very big project for us. I sometimes feel like everyone seems to move into a house and immediately demo it and remodel. Maybe I just follow to many interior designers ha! Either way, when we purchased our home a little over two years ago we knew we would remodel the kitchen and bathrooms. It was actually a perk of the house when we looked at it. I preferred a house that hadn’t been renovated too recently because knowing me no matter what someone else did, it wasn’t going to be what I wanted. 

We really wanted to live in our home for a good amount of time before changing any kind of layout. Don’t get me wrong we have done plenty to update our house but no real structural changes. In case you missed it I’ve shared our mini bathroom update, our dining room before and after and our guest bedroom makeover! I really need to get around to photographing other parts of our home and pulling the listing pictures because it has truly transformed. 

Our overall plan for the kitchen is to create more of an open feel and bring in more light. Our kitchen is where the end of the original house was (it was built in 1905) and our eat-in area and den are part of an addition put on 15 or so years ago. Our general plan is to add a window where our existing cabinets are, remove the bar style island and create a large free standing island, remove a wall and move our washer and dryer to add more space along with all of the other aesthetic changes. 

Smaller plans include a pull out pantry, an appliance cabinet so there is no clutter on the counter, a hood over our stove and a few other exciting things. We are currently finalizing plans with our contractor and appliance shopping. Thank you to everyone for sending in their appliance suggestions! The most common recommendations were GE Monogram, Thermador and Wolf. The Bosch dishwasher was also recommended the most as well as a few encouraging ideas for the Miele coffee machine. 

We’re still knee deep in the research stage and will share more about the process as we go along. Today, I just wanted to share an overall idea of what we are thinking and some images I had saved for inspiration from Pinterest.  

If you have remodeled a kitchen and have any advice or warnings please feel free to send them my way or leave them in the comments below! 


Design & Image via Stoffer Home

What is there to not like about this? The marble detail around the metal sink is genius. I am not a huge fan of  open shelving in general but this marble ledge has me intrigued. 


Design & Image via Amber Interiors

I saved this because I love a matching countertop and backsplash. I’m also 100% certain that’s the route we will go.


Design & Image via Studio Mcgee

Cabinet color!


Design & Image via Henry Munson

Hoping to hide much of the clutter in our butler’s pantry with some sort of cabinetry solution.


Design & Image via Jean Stoffer Design

Cabinet color and pulls!



via Pinterest





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  1. Love the creamy cabinet colour. Can you tell me the actual name and brand of the paint?

  2. BRADLEY says:

    What a very helpful post it is. I have learned something new today. This could me a lot as I started improving my home .

  3. Sarah says:

    I got my kitchen cabinets redone by a local cabinet painter last year and used a similar cabinet paint color as the one in these photos- it goes with everything & makes the space feel so classy! I would definitely recommend it for you kitchen renovation!

  4. Brandi Alwine says:

    What color?

  5. Kimmylouwho says:

    very beautiful ideas! Thought I would give you feedback on your appliance ideas….I had a Bosch dishwasher and found although it was super quiet, it did not dry well, and only lasted 5 years before leaking onto the floor! I am now a fan of KitchenAid, which is made in the USA and works really well! My friend has the Miele coffee machine and WOW! the coffee is fantastic! Good luck with your remodel! I think you will love it when it is finished!

  6. Shelley says:

    What color paint

  7. Brandy Jacobs says:

    What is the name of the pantry doors you have where the microwave is hiding? I have been looking for the name and hinges for these doors and have had no luck. Thanks

    • shaheen khan says:

      Pictures in this post are inspiration I found via Pinterest but I just posted what I did in our kitchen on my instagram and ours are bi-fold doors with 3 screw hinges if that helps!

  8. Amy says:

    Hello! I was wondering if you have a source for the photo where you say you like the cabinet color and pulls. I’m looking for the cabinet color. Thank you!