The Best Swimwear According To You

Mar 8, 2021

Swimsuit detail here


Good morning! 

This Monday seemed to come quickly, am I right? We had the loveliest weekend with my brother and I was so excited he finally got to meet Zahra. We are very close and it’s been a struggle not seeing him and my nieces and nephews the past year. We wanted to be very careful with Zahra being so little but now that we are all vaccinated it’s been a relief. 

We did a lot of eating and relaxing over the weekend and I deleted Instagram and social media off my phone. I’ll share more thoughts on this at a seperate time but wow I can’t recommend it enough. It was a much needed break and has made me excited to get back into the swing of things this week. I am also planning several plant based meals this week after a weekend full of indulging and will share those on stories as always! 

Today’s post is one I actually requested help from you all with. We have booked a beach house in April and I ordered several bathing suit’s to try. I scoured my usual spots but had such a hard time finding anything that worked! I prefer a more covered bikini bottom (not too cheeky) and you all had some great suggestions. I ordered a new round of suits and will report back once I get them in! 




This is a new to me brand but a few of you recommended them! I actually own a one piece from Stella Mccartney that looks almost identical and it is one of my favorite suits. I feel like it never goes out of style. 

I always have good luck at Aerie when it comes to swim! I feel like they have so many options and their bottoms always have great coverage and fit well. It’s also nice to see the suits on real bodies and see what size they are wearing. In general, I find they run TTS and I usually go with a Medium. 

Summersalt! Maybe the most recommended by you all and I am going to try out one of their one piece’s. Everyone has said they make them feel confident and pulled in.

Another new to me brand but I loved this floral print. I am always a fan of a one piece and think this cut is classic. 

This is a tried and true set! It’s been out for years and they always bring it back probably because it is so flattering on everyone. 

Another new to me brand! I had never heard of them but a few of you said you had ordered suits recently and been really impressed. Their suits are very affordable! 

One of my favorite Aerie cuts! I have this suit in a different print and think it’s so flattering!

Madewell was another popular recommendation and I liked the cut and print on this one!

They just released a few prints and this was my favorite. I love the cut of this top and their bottoms offer great coevrage! 

I am here for the retro tops and appreciate the support as a mom of 2 😉 


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