My Third Trimester Workout

May 19, 2017

pregnancy workout


Top: Ingrid & Isabel (c/o) Non Maternity Version | Capris: Ingrid & Isabel (c/o) Non Maternity VersionShoes: APL (c/o) Run TTS and available here too! | Water Bottle: BKR (c/o) Literally my favorite glass water bottle! I have the smaller version too and got this 1L for pregnancy | Sunglasses: Nordstrom


Even though I don’t feel like doing a ton with my ever growing belly, I know it’s important to keep exercising to stay healthy and prep my body for labor. I know I shared a few ways to stay motivated during pregnancy before but have been getting quite a few questions about what I specifically do, so I thought I would share my current workout

Besides the workout below, I try to make it to two prenatal weight classes a week on Tuesday and Thursday and a prenatal yoga class every other Sunday. My goal is to sneak this workout in one other time during the week and walks if the weather cooperates. Going to the gym any more than 3-4 times a week is not in my game plan and stresses me out more than it helps. 

I was also surviving in my pre pregnancy workout clothes until this last trimester. When I finally switched over, it was a game changer. Although, I can still get away with my cotton tanks sometimes, these new pieces have made life much easier and will be crucial post delivery! I rounded up my favorites at the end of the post and shared the non maternity versions below too!

Okay, back to working out. I have been trying to focus on squats, abs and pelvic floor exercises as much as I can. I noticed a lot of my prenatal classes were targeting those areas for obvious reasons and I have found that working them into my own workouts helps a ton. 

Make sure you are chatting with your doctor routinely before doing anything, because I know everyone’s body and pregnancy is different. Luckily, I haven’t had many issues up to this point so I am hoping to keep this workout regimen going till the end. Let’s all hope it helps with delivery!




Third Trimester Toning Workout


30 Squats

30 Second Wall Seat

30 Plie Squats

15 Lunges

15 Tricep Kickbacks

15 Push Ups

15 Pelvic Raises

15 Forward Bicep Curls



I usually try to repeat this circuit 2-3 times depending on how I’m feeling after I do a 30 minute course interval on the elliptical. Let me know what exercises you loved during this last trimester and hope it helps!


maternity workout

third trimester workout

maternity workout clothes

apl tennis shoes

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bkr water bottle

maternity workout top

maternity workout leggings

pregnancy fitness

pregnancy exercises




These were my first maternity workout purchase and I am embarrassed to say how much I wear them. They fit amazing, are thick with no show through and the back is a butterfly open so you don’t feel constricted and they can grow with you!

I just picked up this new fabric since I loved the ones above so much. The mesh detailing is so cute and they fit amazing too.

I didn’t think a pregnancy top was needed but the belly coverage is so nice. My pre pregnancy tops were starting to let in quite the breeze and the stretch in the back of this is great when you’re growing.

Not only did I need to size up in workout bras, I wanted something tigehter and more sturdy. I love the way this one fits and looks!

Picked these up for working out but also just post delivery. The moto detailing is gorgeous and will be perfect to dress up if I need to.

I’m sure you’ve heard me go on about glass water bottles. I have been using them exclusively and this brand is by far my favorite!

The other bra I invested in that I have been wearing constantly. I love the higher neck on this one and the cute detailing on the back!


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  1. You go girl!! Youre looking amazing!