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Nov 7, 2022

Good morning! 

How is everyone’s week going? You know I have been referencing about my desire to become a cleaning influencer and I feel like I’m one step closer today 🙂 I am excited to share some of the reasons Branch Basics has become my go-to brand for cleaning supplies, laundry needs, and beyond. I know you all see me talk about their products often over on Instagram but I have been such a fan for so long so I am thrilled to be working with them today. 

If you didn’t catch this morning’s Reel, hop over and check it out! I know we all need to be better about cleaning our makeup brushes and this is such an easy way to get it done and feel good about the product you use. Let me just start by saying the Branch Basics Concentrate is a jack of all trades. As you saw, I use it to clean makeup brushes, to mix my household cleaners, get stubborn spots off my pans, and so much more. I love that when your products are running low you don’t need to order new bottles and can just refill your concentrate and mix everything you need. 

I showcase this in real time over on stories but your bottles (you can opt for glass or plastic, we have both) will indicate on the side how much water to add, how much concentrate to add, and then you just shake and use! I have found the cleaners to work so well and have never run into a situation where I wish I hadn’t made the switch. 

The main reason I made the switch originally was because of the non-toxic, safe ingredients in their clean products! Our kids are little and I am constantly cleaning along with my toddler wanting to get in on the action and help. I wanted to be sure I was doing everything I could to make sure the products we were using were safe but also effective. A friend recommended Branch Basics so I ordered a Starter Pack and have never looked back. 

I eventually branched into the laundry products and have loved them as well. I think the Oxygen Boost is a game changer for our white uniform shirts which is a lifesaver! You simply drop a capful in your washer before you load your clothes and it helps brighten everything. I also recently switched over to their dryer balls and I love how low maintenance they are while getting the job done – you just leave them in your dryer! 



Product Highlights:




Clean ingredients




Truly, I can’t say enough great things about their products and I am thrilled they sent over a code LOWSTOLUXE you can use to save 15% on your first starter kit including the Premium Starter Kit, Cleaning Essentials Kit(Glass or Plastic), Laundry Kit (Glass or Plastic), or Classroom Essentials Kit.


Let me know if you have any questions at all or need help picking products, I can’t wait to hear what you think! 





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