Our Back To School Checklist

Aug 2, 2021


Good morning!

I know everyone’s area is different and things will likely be fluid this coming year but my kids are GOING TO SCHOOL THIS YEAR!!! This may not seem like a huge deal but Zain hasn’t been in real school since before Covid and Zahra has never been anywhere. This means that I pulled back from dentistry (which worked out when schools shut down! If you are new here, I am a school dentist) and have been attempting to keep my blog up and running while managing these two at home. Like everyone else reading here, this past year was a tough balance and I  am very excited for a routine. 

On that note, I had asked you all for your toddler mask recommendations last week and thought I would go ahead and share the other things we have on board. We filled our school supplies list but I also snagged a few things for the kids to get them ready for school! Zain will be going to Junior Kindergarten everyday from 8-3pm and Zahra will be at a preschool 2 days a week from 9-3pm. Luckily, I don’t have to send any food with Zain but I do have to pack a snack and lunch for Zahra. 

This is my first time sending them both anywhere so I picked up a few essentials and stocked up on some fall clothing I know they will need. My favorite places are usually Target and H&M and their seasonal stuff sells out so fast once it’s released so I figured it couldn’t hurt. 




I prefer this smaller backpack for Zain and also am just nostalgic because this is the backpack I carried every year! It has one pocket and is a great size for their age IMO. I did the crocodile but they come in several solid colors. 


Tote Bag

Zahra is going to Zain’s old preschool and they carry tote bags! After I bought this larger version for our family over the summer and became obsessed with it, I ordered one for her. I always go with the no zipper option and shorter handles but I think if you want the larger one for travel you may want to opt for the longer handle. 



I have shared these a few times before but I swear by these labels! I bought them two years ago for Zain and they have not come off a single item of clothing or dishware I put them on. I just ordered a version for Zahra! 



Zain won’t need his any longer so I will use this for Zahra now! We have loved this! So easy to clean, the ice pack stays cold and it’s such a great compact size. 


Water Bottle

These are my favorite for both kids! I love that they are lightweight and you can replace the spout. We have the Yeti and a few others that I find a bit too heavy for them. 



Stasher Bag

We have used these for years and can’t recommend them enough! They eliminate plastic bags and are easy to throw in the dishwasher or hand wash. They stay closed which a lot of the similar ideas by other brands haven’t for me and will go with Zahra to school!


Hand Sanitizer Holder

I love having sanitizer clipped onto his bags and thought these dinosaur ones were so cute and only $7 for 6!




Here are all of your recommendations! Several teachers and physicians suggested having disposable options in backpacks or tote bags for kids to switch out. Not the most environmentally friendly but sanitary and work really well if one gets wet! We currently use these and love them but I just purchased these adjustable masks and these disposable ones after your feedback.



Vista Print

Happy Mask

Target Adjustable

Little Organic Company 

Costco Disposable 


Old Navy

Andy + Evan




Snoozies Kids Face Masks


Rafi Nova


Joah Love

We Care Disposable

Aldi Disposable




I ordered both kids new sneakers from the Nordstrom sale and some new socks for Zain. I also rounded up a few new things I picked up for them for fall!









Let me know if you have any supplies you swear by since I am first timer and hope you are having a great Monday! 



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  1. Sarah says:

    Thank you for this list, I definitely need to pick up some hand sanitizer holders and new lunchboxes! As a single mom, August and the back-to-school season is so chaotic, and it definitely helps to have a to-do and shopping list. We already bought some new masks and even got our home sanitized– anything to keep the germs, bacteria, and viruses away from the kiddos!

  2. Ciel says:

    Hi- love the label reco! Are the labels you recommend specifically from Jennifer Thomkeā€™s minted shop? Or just from minted in general? Big thanks!