My Hermès Oran Sandal Review

Jul 5, 2022

Good morning! 

How is everyone? It’s been a hot minute since I’ve shown up here on the blog but this has been a frequent DM as of late so wanted to share a little background. Summer has really been one for the books so far this year and I am consciously trying to take a step back from constantly doing something to enjoy my kids, pool days, and just a slower pace. 

I don’t ever take this space for granted and I’m so thankful for the flexibility it offers my and my children but since I am on break from dentistry for the next month and the kids are out of school, it seemed like the perfect time to step away a little bit and be with them. 

Anyhow, on to the Hermès Oran Sandal! I know many of you had the same questions so I will try to break those down below and let me know if I missed anything. 

These sandals have been around since 1997 but I feel as though their popularity has grown tremendously in the last several years. I have owned a few pairs that look identical and were a much more affordable price point but I will vouch that the quality on these is top notch and what should be expected of a sandal at this price. 


Why the Oran Sandal? 

I have always loved a simple brown sandal! I actually wore these Tkees into the ground until I could not wear them any longer which is what actually spurred this purchase. Simple, classic, and goes with anything is what I was looking for and when my old pair gave out I thought it may be the perfect time to invest in the pair I have been eyeing for years. 


How does the sizing run?

I have attempted to try these on in multiple places, boutiques in Chicago and Miami and can never find them. I finally browsed the website and I’m not sure why I didn’t do that sooner. They have free shipping and returns so I ordered two sizes to try and sent back the one that didn’t work! I know sizes sell out quickly but for the staple colors there seemed to be plenty of inventory online. 

I found them to run small and ended up sizing up a 1/2 size especially because I hate my heel hanging off the back of a sandal. I read many things about sizing up if you have wide feet but I find my feet pretty narrow and I still needed to. 


Are they comfortable? 

Yes, they may be the most comfortable shoes I own aside from my Birkenstocks. I also think they go with just about anything so PPW I hope I get my money’s worth. 


Do they stretch out?

I haven’t found them to stretch a ton! I do think the leather has become more supple over time but I wouldn’t say they stretched or did anything that would have impacted what size I ordered.


Would you buy second hand? 

I definitely would but only from a certified retailer like Fashionphile. I usually see several on their site to browse! If shopping new, I recommend the Hermès website directly or a boutique. 



Are they worth it? 

This is such a personal question so it’s tough to answer! I always look at larger purchases like this in a PPW scenario. Is it a classic? Will it go out of style? Will I wear it often? If all of that is a yes for me than I usually feel confident in my purchases. 



Top: Sea – Runs TTS, on sale! | Jeans: ABLE – the fit on these are AMAZING and I had not noticed them on the site. They are similar style to my AGolde but under $100 and much stretchier and comfortable. Use code ‘SHAHEEN15‘ for 15% off!



Hope that helps and let me know if you all have any other questions! 


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