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Jul 1, 2021


Good morning! 

It’s been a very rainy end to the week but I am hopeful the sunshine will prevail this weekend. Sadly, it’s not much of a holiday weekend over here since Trevor is on call and works Monday but we are planning on taking Zain to a parade this year since he is obsessed with fire trucks or as he refers to them “Wee-oo Trucks” 🙂 

Today’s post is one that was sparked by the Q&A I did earlier in the week over on Instagram stories! A few people inquired about strapless bras now that summer is in full swing and I thought it might be a good time to expand more on mine and the bras and undergarments I wear most often. 




1. Soma 360 Wireless Bra

Both of my favorite bras are from Soma and it took me a while to find them! Their bras can be a bit pricey but they often have BOGO 50% off sales and a few times a year they have a big sale that I always try to share! I have to say that they are fully worth the price tag and I can’t say enough good things about this and the Enbliss. They support, smooth, give shape for a wireless and are just so darn comfortable. I wear my true size in them!



2. Hanky Panky Thongs

My tried and true for so many years I forget when I discovered them! I will keep an eye on these and see if they are included in the NSale that is coming up too. They essentially feel like nothing and don’t tug, pull or itch AT ALL. Don’t be mislead by the mid-rise label they hit in the perfect spot and I wear them underneath everything. (more HP here)



3. Cosabella Soft Bra

This is my version of a bralette and what I wear if I need something a little prettier that may be seen or if my top is peek a boo! I think it’s beautiful but also offers a bit of support unlike most other bralettes I have tried. (more Cosabella here)



4. Wacoal Red Carpet Strapless Bra

The BEST strapless bra I found thanks to all of you! I had asked for your rec’s a few years ago and ended up purchasing this and haven’t looked back. Doesn’t constantly fall down and I always think it’s a good idea to size up a bit in strapless bras so you avoid overflow. I am small chested but this was most recommended by large chested women as well when I asked!



5. Amazon Cotton Stretch Bikini

So, funny story about these. I ordered them after giving birth to Zain as throw away undergarments since they were so affordable. Well, I fell in love with them and have now ordered many other patterns and wear them almost everyday. 



6. Amazon Wireless Bra

Same story here! I bought this in black and nude after finishing nursing Zain and still wear them to this day. They are a true wireless bra with not much push or life to them. I like these for day to day with the kids and will wear my Soma when I get more dressed up. 



7. Commando Nipple Covers

I don’t use nipple covers a lot but this is what I keep on hand and have liked them and the adhesive each time I’ve used them! (more Commando here)



8. Enbliss Wireless Bra

My holy grail wireless bra that gives me the best shape and support! It also smooths the back area where bras so often cut into your skin. TTS.



9. Lululemon Invisiwear Thong

This is my most recent purchase and addition to everyday. My Hanky Panky’s were showing lace through my leggings and bike shorts so I snagged these and have loved them so far! No issue with show through or lines thus far and feel great during workouts. 



Hope this is helpful and if you have any additional questions, just let me know! 




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  1. Kelcy says:

    I purchased one of the Amazon bras and I have to say thank you. It’s so much more comfortable than I was expecting. I will definitely buy it in more colors.

  2. Anna says:

    I like the soma one! They are very soft! And I also got some wireless bra from Sujiin, they also very suprise me!