My Current Workout Routine & Favorite Gear

Jan 25, 2021

Sweatshirt: Target – runs small, I sized up to a medium | Leggings: Lululemon Align | Shoes: Nike | Handbag: MZ Wallace | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | Air Pods: Apple


Hello Monday! 

After a gorgeous and sunny last week and weekend, I am a little bummed we are expecting rain all week. Zahra gets her second Flu shot today so I am preparing for some afternoon cuddles and setting work to the side for a bit. In more exciting news, I am going in Friday to take a final look at appliances and order everything so I will be sure to share and update you all on Stories

As for today’s post, it is one I’ve been meaning to write for a while. I know January is normally a time when people get into fitness or change up their routines but honestly with Covid and quarantine this past year I feel like that whole push fell to the wayside. Prioritizing workouts and healthy habits has really been crucial for my mental health more than anything. Working out is time I dedicate to me. I may not always want to do it but I always feel better when I’m done and cherish that time to myself with no distractions. 

I thought I would answer a few FAQ below and then share my current favorite workout pieces below as well. If I missed anything just let me know! 


What is your current workout schedule? 

I try to do a Peloton ride every M/W/F at 5:30 or 6am. Trevor starts work early and has to be there at 7am so it helps that we get up together to workout and use the bike. It helps hold us accountable! If I can fit in an additional 10 min arms or core workout I will. Then over the weekends we usually do one class together as a family! We try to mix it up with Yoga, Pilates, or Barre just to move our bodies in a new way. 


Was the Peloton Bike worth it? 

1000% I shared a review here shortly after we got it but it has been the best purchase we have made over the past year. We decided to go for it after we cancelled our Babymoon due to Covid and it has helped keep our sanity. Having it in our closet between our bedroom and bathroom has made all the difference. 

Plus, I love the variety of class lengths and the instructors. My favorites are Tunde, Cody, Kendall and Jess Sims!


What workout did you do during IVF?

I didn’t! Throughout stimulation, retrieval and beyond I just kept to light exercise like walking if I felt up to it. I know it can make you feel antsy but try to rest your body when you feel like you need to and move when you want to. 





The only socks I wear to workout! Come in a pack of 3 and hold up really well.

My favorite workout tank with built in bra. If you haven’t ever tried Beyond Yoga it is by far the softest material I’ve ever felt. I know it’s a little pricey but holds up amazing! I tried the Amazon alternative but it was a no for me. If I find anything else I’ll share!

My go to sneaker! I love this sneaker so much I own it in 3 colors. I am on the hunt for a good running shoe though with lots of support so if you have something you love let me know! 

My favorite leggings! These are the pair I wear most often and are most comfortable. They stretch so well and I was able to wear them throughout my pregnancy. They run TTS, I wear a 2.

These are the other pair of Lululemon leggings I own. The Wunder Under are great for HIIT workouts and other high intensity stuff. I have the Luxtreme version and they do not budge when you move. I do think they run smaller and size up, I wear a 4. 

I don’t use these joggers for high intensity stuff but they are a favorite for long walks and getting outside. I size up in them for a true relaxed fit, I wear a 6.

My tried and true sports bra! I have worn and loved this bra for a long time and have just recently started branching out. The adjustable straps so so nice! 

My favorite Amazon leggings! I have owned these for over 2 years and had no issues. For a fraction of the price of Lululemon leggings I think they are definitely worth it. I do think they run a bit big and size down. 

This is a recent purchase that I have been really happy with! It is usually on sale for around $13 and is so supportive. I’ve used it for every kid of workout and love how long it is. I wear a small.

Another recent purchase that I love! This is a ribbed crop lounge top essentially but I use it to workout and love the length! I wear a small and it fits snug enough to function as a sports bra. 

I finally invested in this Yoga mat at the start of quarantine after asking you all! Everyone said it was worth it and it was. I am eyeing the jumbo size now since Trevor’s needs an upgrade.

These are the weights we have at home that I bought at the start of quarantine as well. We are actually looking for a compact set of heavier weights so if you have any recommendations let me know! 


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