saturday sales.

May 23, 2015

i’ve never posted on a saturday so you know whatever this is must be good. the memorial day sales have kicked off so i wanted to share all the details & a few of my pics with y’all! let me know if you find anything good & hope my tips help a bit!

Barney’s Warehouse: SHOES, SHOES, SHOES! although i love a good pair of designer shoes i would never pay full price. the ones i have were found at Barney’s on sale! i’m talking $200 Manolo Blahnik, discounted Louboutin, you name it. i would wait till i knew exactly what i wanted and then check their site daily. during this sale you are sure to save a ton!

ASOS: i mean what’s not to love?! i could have added almost everything on the site to my list of favorites but i refrained. they have some killer swimwear you could stock up on for the summer & casual day dresses. (use code LONGWKND)

Nordstrom: i know i shared the sale with you earlier this week but their shoes are heavily discounted (just check the reviews before buying) so you aren’t getting the ‘horrible to wear’ shoes no one bought. purses are a great find here too especially if you want something for summer fun like a backpack!

Anthropologie: everything hah. i love anthro but it’s often too pricey for me so now when they have a sale on their sale is when i comb through for staple pieces like white breezy tops and some printed dresses.

J.Crew: tanks & tees are my staples here so stock up now. (use code WEEKEND)

Old Navy: summer dresses & sandals! i was hesitant at first to try their sandals but they usually last me the whole summer with daily wear and for such a bargain it’s totally worth it.

Gap: basics. i was recently in the store and it just blows my mind how low their sale items go. it’s almost like they are paying you to take it! (use code SUMMER)

happy shopping & enjoy the long weekend!


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