How We Transitioned Zain To Solids

Mar 2, 2018

how we transitioned baby to solids

Shirt: Gap – love these! | Joggers: Nordstrom – love these and these too! | High Chair: Stokke – so many people recommended this and I was a little weary of the price but it’s amazing and so low profile which is great for the city and small spaces!


TGIF guys! Zain is off to his 9 month check up today (can you believe it?) and we are going to take him out to eat after for a little post shot treat. On that same note, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what we feed Zain, how we transitioned him and our feeding schedule so I thought I would dive into that a little bit today. 

As far as timing, we started solids at 6 months. It was what our doctor recommended and it coincided with what the literature that we had looked into ourselves said so we felt comfortable with that. There were a few things we wanted to make sure he was doing well before we started foods like sitting up, holding his head up well and was showing some sort of thrust reflex with his tongue. I know that last one seems like a weird thing for you to notice but I promise once you give them a solid food you will quickly learn what to look for. 

I read about a lot of different methods of feeding before we started and talked to my doctor about each one. I borrowed the Baby Led Weaning book from a friend and read up on it and really chatted through it with my doctor. Our pediatrician said there wasn’t any reason to favor one method over the other and it was really up to us and what we were comfortable with. I love the idea of Zain ‘feeding himself’ but also didn’t want to make my life and his more complicated than it already was. 

I decided to not place to much pressure on his eating and let him explore and learn to eat however came natural. He’s always been a hungry boy and food has never been a challenge for us. I wish I had some magical advice about getting your kids to eat when they don’t want to but we honestly have never had that problem. 

I remember my brother’s kids being so difficult to feed. They were never interested and they would have to trick them into eating the smallest amounts of food. I on the other hand have to watch how much I give Zain because he has never said no to another bite. I don’t worry about his weight (he’s always been average in weight although his cheeks say different) but more so I don’t want him to over eat and then get sick. 

We decided to let him explore food a little bit for the first time when we sat him in his high chair. We offered slivers of avocado and watched him work on his pincer grasp. They don’t develop a refined grasp when they pick up  things with their thumb and forefinger till they’re around 9-11 months so in the beginning he was just grabbing things with his whole hand and smashing it in his mouth. I then started working in purees for a few reasons like time, convenience and the easier ability to work in a variety of foods. 

After a week or two of purees and small bites of food here and there, I started feeding him whatever we were having. He will sit down with us for breakfast, me for lunch and us for ‘his dinner’ that is well before ours. He will usually have a few snacks in between these meals like veggies I’ve baked or puffs and is still on his regular formula schedule

Our doctor also recommended trying those common food allergens earlier on because it has been shown to decrease the likelihood they ever have a food allergy in the future.  I know this is the opposite of what they used to tell people which is why my mom was very alarmed, ha. I made sure to try eggs and peanut butter for the first time with Zain over the weekend just so I had Trevor around in case he had a reaction. Luckily, he has tolerated everything well so we try to incorporate those foods regularly. 

I made a list of some of our favorite foods, brands and things we give him below. Ideally, I would love to cook everything I give to him but it’s just not feasible. I also listed our favorite high chair, plates, utensils and travel stuff that makes eating out with him a little easier. We love taking him to lunch now on the weekends because it makes him so happy. People watching and eating are his two favorite things so combining them for him is like heaven. 


Favorite Foods:

Breakfast: He usually has eggs, avocado and spinach that I cook along with mine. If I make turkey sausage I will let him have that too!

Lunch: Roasted sweet potatoes, grilled chicken, brussels sprouts and any other veggies I’ve roasted for the week. 

Snacks: We love Happy Baby Organics and keep their Superfood puffs on hand! They also make tiny individual sized whole milk yogurts that we give Zain. The sizing is so nice because it’s perfect for him and nothing goes to waste. I only buy the plain unflavored and try to avoid any type of flavor or sweetener if I don’t need it! Other packaged foods we keep on hand are Plum Organics pouches and Beechnut Farms prunes.

Dinner: Whatever we are having! If it’s Indian food I always make blander versions. 




Favorite Gear: 

Stokke Highchair: can’t say enough good things about it, worth every penny!

Happy Mat Plate: Finally found something that sticks to the table so he won’t throw it off ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ve heard great things about these also but haven’t tried them yet. Anyone? 

OXO Bib: easy to wipe and clean at home.

Sippy Cup: He’s still getting the hang of this but I love that there is a bigger size to graduate to/

Spoons: Soft, shows temperature and actually holds food (I found a lot were too flat and kept no food inside)

Travel Bib + Spoon: These things are lifesavers! Zips up into a tiny pocket and can be thrown in your diaper bag before and after your meal out. I am not crazy about the spoon it comes with but it works. Sometimes I just throw ours in there!

Disposable placemat: So nice for using and tossing when done! They actually stick to the table

Mustela Water & Wipes: I used this water all the time on Zain when he had baby acne and still always keep it on hand. I throw the wipes in my bag when I’m on the go to wipe his face when he’s done eating and just use the water at home. I like how gentle it is on his skin especially during the winter here. 



I generally try to cook with organic ingredients and withhold any ‘seasoning’ from his food. He enjoys veggies and I try to offer those way more than fruit. The reason I don’t love the pouches is because they always have fruits added to them to make them sweeter I’m sure. I try to grab the ‘veggie heavy’ ones and offer those more often. I also try to give him a little bit of prunes each day to keep him regular! If we are out to eat, I just feed him whatever I’m having and omit the bad stuff since I’m known to order fries ๐Ÿ™‚ 

I hope this helps a little and if you have any questions at all feel free to reach out! 


baby trying solids

Looking for more food, always!

when to feed baby solids

This kid loves some yogurt!


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  1. Talla says:

    Hi! Thank you so much for sharing. I have an almost 8 month old who loves purees and oatmealโ€” and just recently introduced puffs. Can you share how you serve the foods you prepare for him – or even pictures? Thanks!!

    • shaheen khan says:

      Hi Talla! This is such a fun age, right? So I typically use the plate and spoons I linked above to feed him and also put food on his tray so he can start to pick things up and eat on his own. The more he does on his own, the better for me ๐Ÿ™‚