How We Transitioned Zain Off Bottles

Aug 15, 2018

how to transition off bottles

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Morning all! 

How is your week going? We’re knee deep in house projects and I actually kept Zain home from daycare today. He’s seemed a little off this week and I’m worried he might be coming down with something so I figured I could have a little lunch date with him and my mom wanted to stop by anyhow! In case you missed it on Instagram stories yesterday, she dropped ‘a few things’ off for the backyard and I was dying laughing at how many of you messaged me saying SAME! I mean there is no stopping loving grandparents, right? 

As for today, I thought I would tackle a hot topic and a question I get a lot lately. Zain has officially been off bottles for a little while now so I thought I would share what we did. Also, be on the lookout for an awesome giveaway on Instagram in celebration later this month! 

A little background, Zain started trying solids and using a sippy cup around 6 months. We did a mix of baby led weaning and purees for ease. I am also lucky in the fact that he loves eating so I cook a lot of his food and he enjoys most of it. Since he was so into food I was hoping dropping the bottle would be easy but it wasn’t as seamless as I had hoped. 

We decided a little before his first birthday that we would stop the mid day bottles first since he was least likely to notice or miss those. This worked well and I essentially just stopped giving them to him without much backlash. The bottles he was most attached to were in the morning and at bedtime! 

Before we were getting ready to move, I attempted to drop those cold turkey and boy did that backfire. We were packing, going through a lot of transitions and about to move him to another state so after some encouragement from my mother I decided to let him hold on to those morning and evening bottles a little longer. 

After we moved into my parents I continued the same routine but started putting milk in his sippy cups during the day. At first, he hated it. He refused to drink milk out of a sippy cup which is funny because he drinks water out of them all day. I continued to offer it everyday despite his lack of interest and hoped it would eventually catch on.

I also started slowing switching out the nipples and vent in this Dr.Brown’s 2 in 1 transition bottle so it still felt like a bottle to him but had a sippy cup spout. These were crucial! I feel like it was an easy way for us to transition from a traditional bottle seamlessly without him feeling like something entirely foreign was being given to him. 

After a few days with the transition bottles at my parents, I attempted to quit them cold turkey again and it worked this time! I washed those last two bottles that night, stored them away and never looked back. Zain seemed to barely notice and my milk in a sippy cup finally worked. He doesn’t drink as much milk from a cup anymore but that’s actually a blessing because he’s now getting an appropriate amount of diary 🙂 

I think some essential parts for us were to introduce the  cup early so it’s not a foreign idea, offer a transition period and most importantly don’t feel like a failure if you have to try again. The 2 in 1 transition bottle is a lifesaver! I will add that life without bottles is glorious and I love how much nutrition he’s getting from solid foods these days! 


How did you all wean your babies? 


dr browns bottles

The kid was obsessed with switching out the nipples and screwing the lids on himself!

how to transition baby off bottle

how to get baby off bottle

Forever fixing his perfect hair 😉 

dr.browns bottles

You can just switch the vent and nipple out with the sippy cup top!

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  1. Laura A says:

    Hi! My little boy is 19 months and I took him off bottles at 15 14 months per my doctor. He actually told me to do it at 12 months but I had trouble stopping it?!?! I didn’t want him to grow up I guess. Anyways, i just stopped altogether. I have him a sippy cup and never looked back. He wasn’t happy the first day but the second day he was obviously thirsty and drank from the sippy cup like a pro! I didn’t want to go back and forth and have him be grumpy about it- I just wanted it to be over. It worked for me. No bottle boot camp ????