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Jan 30, 2019

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Morning everyone! Today’s post is kind of a catch all when it comes to home decor. I get a good amount of interest and questions on the house and since nothing is really ‘done’ I figured I would share some things we have completed, plans for the next few months and answer some questions!

Decorating a house takes a long time! I am so overly careful not to buy anything we don’t absolutely love so choosing pieces can take me a while. I’ll find something and then mull over it, find every review I can and then finally pull the trigger. So, here’s some updates broken down by area!



I finally picked the perfect console table for us! This one comes in two sizes but I chose the smaller one for our space. FYI the sweet man that delivered it said he sees a lot of problems with the larger size because it’s so long so just something to consider if you are debating sizes. I originally had a large wood piece here but this black iron fits much better. I then found a marble base lamp at Homegoods and fell in love. However, I did not fall in love with the shade so replaced it with this! So far, that’s about all we have there. I’m testing out different books and will likely find something to set on top of them and keep it simple. Less is more for me. 


Formal Living Room: 

Guys, this is almost complete and then I will share full photos! I still haven’t found what I am looking for pillow wise so if you have any favorite shops send them my way. We have added this coffee table so that I could sneak things in the shelf and not have to worry about Zain swiping them. I thought it meshed well with the console table and entryway too! We also just recently added this lamp and I love it’s marble base and matte look. I also picked up some art from an antique store in town to hang over the bar cart so we will hopefully get to that this weekend! Besides that I have added these two planters in the corner and just picked up the new plants from Mahonia. If you are looking for plants that are easy to keep alive and look good just check my Home highlights on Instagram! You guys sent in the best recommendations and I shared a list there.  


Dining Room: 

Still empty but I picked and ordered the wallpaper last week and it is being installed in a few weeks! Can’t wait to show you guys 🙂 In case you missed it, we overhauled our tiny first floor bath with wallpaper and I love how it turned out. 

After the wallpaper is hung I think I will start to look at light fixtures and furniture but I really want that done so I can get a better idea of the feel I want. In the meantime, I’ve been saving serious inspiration over on my Pinterest page and am really feeling a moody look. 



This room is just kind of a work in progress always! Our window bench and eat in kitchen are done and decorated I just need to finish up styling some shelves and we want a record player for the room! Urban Outfitters seems to have a ton but not sure what we are getting yet so if you own one that you love please let me know!



Our stair runner was ordered a few weeks ago and will be installed the last week of February since the pattern I picked was backordered. Can’t wait to share!



After hanging the mirror I snagged at the antique store over the fireplace and getting my artwork back from the framer our room is almost completely done. I am still searching for some bedside lamps but will be shooting and sharing this soon too! 



The guest bedroom upstairs is complete for now and has been doing a great job housing guests. Our seating area is nearly complete now that this chair came back in stock! We have a leather sofa up there, this coffee tablethis rug and I had only one of these chairs for the longest time because it sold out so quickly! I finally got my hands on another and am just waiting for it to arrive. After that is setup, I need to arrange Zain’s play area up there and hang some artwork and we will be done there too!




All in all I think a lot of the rooms are just finishing up which is really exciting! Trevor and I love entertaining and having friends over so we are anxious to make the dining room just what we want and start enjoying it! If you have any other questions just let me know! 


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