Holiday 2021: Gifts For Her

Nov 18, 2021


Good morning friends!

How is everyone’s week going? I am very thankful we are almost to the weekend and simultaneously shocked that next week is Thanksgiving. We are hosting so I truly need to get my menu together and everything ordered. 

I’m back today with my next installment of my Holiday Gift Guides and this time it’s Gifts for Her. I may be a little biased but this list is wonderful and truly a combination of some of my favorite things, most that I haven’t been able to include in my other guides. 




Under Eye Masks

I bought these off the recommendation of a friend and love them! Sometimes eye masks can get a little pricey and although I truly love the way they feel I don’t really want to spend a ton of money on them. Would be a great gift for a friend! 



Blue Light Glasses

When I think of my most used things, these are one of them! If you spend a lot of time in front of screens or have a friend that does do yourself a favor and grab these. They are inexpensive and have held up well over the past 2 years! 




Okay, I love a bathrobe and this is my newest acquisition. I couldn’t resist the fun color combo and they come in a few other color variations. It’s more of a towel feel which I like but if you are looking for buttery soft I would go Barefoot Dreams (I bought this for my mom years ago and she still uses it) or Pottery Barn



Perfect Pot + Always Pan Combo

You all have heard me rave about this pan for years and I am real excited they are on sale and have such a great deal on the combo! I recently snagged The Perfect Pot and I love it so much. I just made a huge batch of chicken detox soup in it and the size and construction can’t be beat. I love that you can mix and match colors with the combo and it’s currently on sale for $210 which is a steal!!! If you have been eyeing them or know someone who has, take advantage! I have shared many times before that I have bought this pan for both my mom and MIL and they love them. My mom actually stopped by last week and saw the Perfect Pot sitting on my stove and was going on and on about how much she loved the size so I will be buying her one for Christmas 😉 Since this deal is on, you can’t stack my code but if you grab anything else not on sale ‘SHAHEEN10‘ should work for 10% off sitewide!



Fun Ornaments

I love fun unique ornaments and gifting them is the best! I love having stories behind the pieces on our tree so I think these make the perfect gift to give. 



Silk Pillowcase


I bought this for myself for Mother’s Day a few years ago and still love it! Does it make your wrinkles go away? No but I’m hoping it’s helping and I find my hair holds up better when I sleep on it. 



Amazon Leggings

My ride or die would make the best gift to yourself or a friend! I size down in these and love this new purple taupe color. As far as care, I have owned my black pair for over 3 years and they have held up well. I wash on delicate and hang dry!



Lululemon Fanny Pack

Okay, I alternate between my Lululemon fanny pack and the Target one and truly love both! They would both make amazing gifts but included this because I can not get over how cute this Sherpa style is. 



Palo Santo Candle

Another piece you have seen over and over again! I used to splurge on fancy candles but Target has really stepped up their game and they have so many great options for $10. 



Half Baked Harvest Cookbook

I think cookbooks are such a great gift for a friend and HBH is my most loved source for recipes!



Hope this was helpful and reach out with any questions!


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