Remembering To Be Thankful For Chicago

Aug 24, 2016

white converse sneakers


Dress: H&M | Shoes: Converse | Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

Do you ever feel like you forget where you live sometimes?

I mean, don’t get me wrong I love Chicago but since I don’t live downtown I sometimes forget how pretty the city is. The first year I moved to the city I lived in Streeterville – the downtown neighborhood right off Michigan Ave. After a year it had worn on me. The neighborhood is mostly expensive restaurants, retail stores & always filled with tourists. It was great to get that feel my first year but I was so excited to move to a neighborhood. The neighborhoods right outside of downtown hold my heart. Everything from Bucktown to Wicker Park, Lincoln Park and West Loop are always changing. They constantly have new restaurants & local shops popping up and just a great overall neighborhood vibe.

However, I think it’s so easy for me to forget where I am and take it all for granted. Last weekend while I was downtown I walked along the water, grabbed tea at Dollop and just explored. It was great to be in the area and the water was just so beautiful. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in never wanting to go downtown that I forget how lucky I am to live in this city.

The river walk is lined with restaurants and places to relax and enjoy the sunshine and I really should make it over there more often. I wore this perfect shirt dress for the hot & humid day. I picked it up at H&M a few weeks ago and love how airy it is. I sized up so I could get that oversize feel – when it’s hot out the last thing I want is a dress clinging to me. I normally wear a 2 or 4 at H&M but picked this up in a 8. The cold shoulder details are fun and my Converse sneakers were the perfect pair for city walking.

Do you guys ever feel the same way? I already made brunch reservations for this weekend down in the Gold Coast so we could get out of our little nook and explore a bit more before it gets cold here!

hm cold shoulder dress

converse chuck taylors

hm cold shoulder dress

urban outfitters black sunglasses

chicago style blogger

grey t shirt dress

hm grey shirtdress

hm cold shoulder dress

converse sneakers

chicago fashion blogger


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  1. Stephanie A says:

    I loved when you lived downtown 🙂 but can definitely see where the tourists would drive you crazy!! Can’t wait to come visit and see your new pad 🙂

  2. JR says:

    This just happened to me. My Brother was saying he wanted to visit and do the touristy stuff. As he was naming things off I realized some things I hadn’t done even having lived in Chicago for 20 years. I decided that I need to remedy that situation and remind myself why I choose to live here!

  3. I definitely do that sometimes. I think it’s easy to get caught up in the everyday. I was able to visit Chicago recently for the first time and absolutely loved it. Great weekend look!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  4. I haven’t been to Chicago but it sounds lovely. I love your casual look – it’s the perfect outfit for traveling and I have the same chucks! I wore those shoes religiously while I was in Europe recently. Have a great day!
    – Elise XO

  5. Jenn Lake says:

    Yay for exploring! Loving this look on you, lady!

  6. Lauren Nolan says:

    Every time I go to the lakefront or the riverwalk, I feel an overwhelming affection for this city haha it’s just so beautiful! Can’t deny it 🙂 Love this dress too!
    Lauren at

  7. Shaheen, I loved everything about this post. I feel the exact same way!! I love LP, but I so often forget that downtown even exists, as I don’t work down there or go frequently. When Mitch and I stayed there for a few days earlier in the month, it was SO exciting. I need to get down there more often! Maybe more girls’ nights downtown?! Blair would love it, hehe. <3

    Kelly | Kelly in the City