5 Tips To Help You Stay Energized All Day

May 16, 2017

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Even before I was pregnant, staying energized and alert all day was a struggle for me. I was relying on caffeine heavily and still couldn’t keep up at work. Forget about being able to take of my blog work when I got home! 

A few months before I left for Colorado to start IVF, I sat down and had a real internal discussion with myself. I couldn’t possibly survive balancing things the way I was and needed to map out a game plan on how to improve things. First order of business, get organized. Since I always felt short on time, I was forgetting work and blog responsibilities and constantly panicked catching up on things. This wasn’t making me a good dentist or businesswoman and I certainly didn’t want to continue down this path into motherhood

After compiling a list of goals and must’s to focus on, I began to change little things to make my days feel better and more feasible. 


I started exercising again.

As counterintuitive as that may sound since it technically takes up more time, it changed my attitude and energy. I had been struggling with my happiness for quite some time when Trevor and I were having difficulty conceiving and it stopped me from taking care of myself. I had quit working out, cooking as much and letting my self care generally fall by the wayside. I decided to make a change and joined a gym to help me slowly ease my way back in. Although getting there can sometimes be a struggle, I always feel more energized after working out and it has truly kept me sane during pregnancy. 



Make it a priority! We are always doing so much that we sacrifice sleep. Since I was coming home from work and then sitting on the computer to work on the blog, I rarely set a time to stop and disconnect. With Trevor rarely coming home before 9pm I realized I was rarely ever shutting my computer down and really relaxing in the evening. I learned to set limits to maintain my sanity and now always make sure to power down by 8pm and get in bed by 9:30pm most nights. 


Get enough protein. 

Nearly 20% of our bodies is made up of protein and it’s essential to our well being and function. Before being pregnant and more so now, I am really conscious of making sure I fuel my body with enough protein to not only keep me full and help me to make healthy eating choices but to also provide my body with the right nutrients. Since I work out a few times a week, fueling up with a smoothie has been my go to following the gym. I recently discovered this new Super Foods Smoothie mix from OLLY and have been loving it. It’s completely plant based, free of hormones and antibiotics, and you can just add water or easily mix into any concoction you like. I normally make one following my morning workout to keep me energized before lunch. 


Drink enough water. 

Luckily, this has become much easier for me since hitting the third trimester. I am constantly thirsty and will usually have several bottles with me at all times. If you have trouble like I did, you can check out this post for some tips. Don’t underestimate how much water does for your skin and body  too! 



I can’t stress this one enough. Social media, your phone and staying constantly connected will suck the energy out of you so quickly. It’s a great idea to toss that phone in a drawer at work and make sure to plug it in by your bedside when you get home from the office. Before we started ‘tech free nights’ I would find myself aimlessly wasting time on my phone while sitting next to my husband who was doing the exact same thing! That is not okay…


How do you guys stay energized during busy weeks? 


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This post was sponsored by OLLY. As always, all opinions are my own and thank you for supporting brands that make Lows to Luxe possible! 


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  1. The Swirl says:

    Congratulations on the pregnancy pretty lady!! I am such a fan of this entire list of suggestions; for me getting organized and being healthier in general really boosts productivity and I feel less sluggish all the time. Loved this post!
    xo, G

  2. Oh my GOSH this looks SO good. I definitely need to be healthier, and this looks like something I’d actually enjoy! 🙂 Thanks so much for the recommendation — perfect for a new mom!

  3. Great tips! I know for me eating enough protein and not too many carbs has been key.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style