Gift Guides 2022: Parents & In-Laws

Nov 8, 2022

Good morning! 

How is everyone’s week going? I was just reading the weekly newsletter from Zain’s teacher and can not believe we are just two weeks away from Thanksgiving. It’s a pretty low key holiday for us, my parents usually come over for a casual lunch and will likely be even more casual this year since Trevor is working on Thanksgiving and all weekend. 

I generally do a mix and match of store bought and homemade sides and my mom and I usually marinate a Tandoori chicken. We shared the recipe last year after so many people inquired in case you want to try it at home!

The next installment of Gift Guides is generally the hardest one for me, parents & in-laws. I feel like they say they don’t ‘need’ anything every year making it even harder to find something 😉 I generally lean into things I know they have enjoyed in the past, a great experience gift, or something you may get for a host. 



SIlhouette Art

If you have kids, these have proven to be a big hit with my family! I have them in our home and have now also gifted them to both our parents. You can customize every inch of it and I think it’s something special they will cherish. Use code ‘SHAHEENCARDS22‘ to save!


Trio of Knives

If anyone is a cook or enjoys being in the kitchen, I can not recommend these knives enough. If you watch any cooking reel I’ve ever posted you will see me using this 8″ knife and they also offer an option that comes with a magnetic stand that my parents love! Use code ‘LOWSTOLUXE20‘ to save!


Catch All Charger

I bought this for my dad after Trevor loved it and am thinking of this for my MIL this year! It’s very minimal, works well, and looks really beautiful on a nightstand. If someone has a lot of tech this is a great way to store it! 


Marlow Pillows

Well, you likely just saw me raving about these on stories but they are the new pillows the founders of Brooklinen released and they are so good. This was my #1 idea for my mom because I know she had mentioned needing to update but this weekend I went to put something in her trunk and realized she already bought them after seeing my story 😉 This link should get you an extra 10% off! 


Barefoot Dreams Blanket

I know this seems like something everyone mentions year after year but I always include it because it’s proven to be a great gift for us. I own one and have given both my mom and MIL this blanket and am happy to report I see it in use every time I go to either house. They usually have some great options on sale at NR as well so check there! 


Electric Kettle

I actually polled readers last year to see what the best gift they had given a parent or in-law was and this was one of the top answers! 


Olive Oil Set

I received this exact set a few holiday’s ago and it’s one of my favorite gifts I’ve received! If you have someone who loves to cook – go for it. Their olive oils and vinegars are so delicious and such a treat to cook with! Use ‘SHAHEEN10‘ to save!


Silk Pillowcase

Another huge hit with my mom and something she definitely wouldn’t buy for herself. If you have someone who doesn’t spoil themselves I think this is such a fun thoughtful gift they will actually use and mine has held up great in the wash. 


Custom Home Print

I had this done for our home two years ago and we hung it on our wall of frames and truly cherish it! It would be such a great gift for a parent or host and is simple to have done. Use code ‘SHAHEENCARDS22‘ to save!


Tech Gloves

Something useful and cute you could throw in a stocking or use in a gift exchange that anyone would like!


Aura Frame

This was the other most popular answer you submitted for this category and so many of you had amazing things to say about it so it’s at the top of my list for my father this year who is impossible to shop for! 




Hope that is helpful and have a lovely Tuesday! 


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