Gift Guides 2022: For The Guys

Nov 4, 2022


How is everyone’s Friday? We are excited for a fairly low key weekend after what has felt like weeks of Trevor being on call. We also have a friends birthday party at Progress Park and we haven’t been before but it looks so cute! If you haven’t heard of it before, it is an Airstream Resort where you can essentially glamp. Our friends have rented out the entire space and I think it will be an absolute blast – will report back! 

As for today’s post, I’m happy to be diving into my Gift Guide for the Guys since it’s one of the most requested. I essentially try to fill this with Trevor’s recommendations and some of his favorite gifts he’s received. 



Apple Air Pods Max

Trevor recently bought these and the noise cancelling feature is top-notch and better than our previous Bose pair. I love the look and design and of them and found them insanely comfortable on an 8 hour flight!


Ridge Wallet

Trevor has used one of my old hair ties as a wallet for years but after we were just robbed in Paris I saw he bought this! He said he liked that it was low profile and not bulky while also having RFID protection from electronic scanners. 


Raen Sunglasses

Another buy Trevor researched and bought almost a year ago! He was looking for a lightweight sunglass that had a lot of color options and I have to say I love these!


Courant Catch 

I feel like I share this every year but I love their catch all charging stations! They have a variety of sizes and colors but they look sleek and gorgeous on your nightstand and have space for everything you need. 


Travel Watch Roll

If your husband is a watch lover like mine, this was a great gift! They can avoid lugging watch boxes or hefty cases with them and this sneaks into a travel bag so easily or you can even use it at home in the closet. 


Ooni Pizza Oven 

Our neighbors bought this and it makes the most insane pizza! I thought about surprising Trevor with one but we hang with ou neighbors so often it seemed wasteful. 


Suede Chelsea Boot

I always include a stylish boot because they are a shoe guys will actually use all season long! I thought these looked beautiful and the price can’t be beat. 


Ember Mug

You know I swear by this mug and now also own the travel version (the kids gave it to me for Mother’s Day) and I can not imagine my morning’s without it. If you have someone in your life that enjoys their coffee hot, I highly recommend! 


At Ease Jogger

THE JOGGER! This is a bestseller year after year and submitted as a reader favorite. I actually have to give credit to Nanima because she bought Trevor his first pair for Christmas and now I’ve gifted him and he’s bought multiple more. I love the quilting and they look great with or without the matching sweatshirt. 


Barbour Jacket 

This seems like a classic pick but it’s a coat I previously thought was too pricey but have now changed my mind. Trevor bought one a few years ago and has used it endlessly! It’s well made, goes with everything, and feels a bit more dressed up than a normal coat. 


New Balance Sneakers

You know I love my NB’s so bought these for Trevor a few months ago and he loves them. They are a ton of color combos and look great with almost anything. 


Faherty Epic Quilted Fleece

You know we are huge Faherty fans and this would be my top pick for a gift to give because of how versatile it is. You can wear it as a layer, buttoned on it’s own, and works under a coat. It’s insanely soft and comes in a few colors! 


Rothy’s Sneakers

When I asked Trevor what I should include in this roundup, this was his first answer. He bought these before our recent trip and has worn them constantly. They are easy to throw in the wash and clean and come in several colors! 




Hope that helps and let me know if you have any questions!




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