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Aug 6, 2020


Good morning and hello Thursday! 

Since it was a very rainy end to last week, I am ecstatic we have had some cooler temperatures and sunshine this week. Quarantine is much more manageable when the weather is nice and I can get outdoors during the day with the kids.

I’m really excited about today’s post because it features a ton of small businesses that I think all make wonderful items. Over the past month, I have found and invested in several pieces from Etsy so thought I would share a few of my recent purchases as well as a couple I have had for several years. 



Art Prints

Shop: LovelyEarthlings

I stumbled upon this print while browsing the Black-owned Etsy shops storefront and fell in love. I think it’s so beautiful and immediately ordered it for Zahra’s room! She has so many gorgeous pieces of art and tote bags. I also then realized the owner, Karina is based in Louisville so that made me even happier!




Initial Necklace

Shop: Liza’s Little Things

This is not a new piece to me but one that I love and highly recommend! I purchased it right after Zain was born and it has held up so well. I’ve never had any issues with it tarnishing or showing wear and wear it almost daily. I will say, I never shower with jewelry on so can’t speak to that but think it’s a great piece for under $20.



Match Striker

Shop: HENROCompany

I originally saw this on Brooklyn Blonde’s site and couldn’t resist. She makes gorgeous candles and so many other pieces but this little match striker is my favorite!



Beaded Bracelet

Shop: My SoCalCreations

A new addition I have been wearing non stop! I ordered two of these each with the kids name on them and love. I have very small wrists so went with the ‘teen/small adult’ size after measuring mine and they fit perfectly. You can customize the colors and beads and they came very quickly!



Typography Prints

Shop: TheWildChildInc

I just ordered two prints from this shop for Zahra’s nursery and I can’t wait to hang them up! This is going to be on the larger wall and this print is going to be next to her crib in a small 5×7 frame!


Hair Bows

Shop: KindRibbon

I just recently purchased a 5 pack of these hair bows for Zahra and can’t wait to receive them! The shop has amazing reviews and I have a few friends that love them. Her head is still so tiny that I’ve found the big bows and hats don’t work on her but since her wild hair is so long I thought a tiny little bow would be perfect. I also love the linen version and may order those next!



Pampas Grass

Shop: ToyFairytaleGift

The vase we have in our dining room is gorgeous but really needed some texture to it! I originally thought I would keep it filled with fresh flowers but that room doesn’t get a ton of light and let’s be honest who has time to remember that. So, I finally decided on this pampas grass and ordered 6 bunches of the white 20-22″ stems. 




Hope this post sheds some light on some new small business and make to sure to check out Etsy’s Black-owned Etsy Shops storefront which highlights a ton of amazing business you can support! 



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  1. Jessica says:

    I am scooping up these bracelets as a gift for our nanny and getting one for myself too. Thank you for sharing. They are adorable.