6 Faux Leather Pieces I Love For Fall

Sep 30, 2019

hm faux leather skirt

Sweater: EverlaneSkirt: H&MHeels: Manolo Blahniksimilar | Handbag: Vince Camutosimilar


Good morning and happy Monday! 

I’m feeling fresh and like a new woman after my birthday weekend. Huge thank you to everyone who sent me kind and thoughtful messages this past Saturday. Turning 35 felt like a big one and I have a much more reflective post about it coming later this week!

As for today, I thought I would keep it light and fresh since we are all still a bit in recovery mode. Zain is out of school today and tomorrow so we are hopping around town trying to stay busy and burn off some steam. I have been meaning to share this look for a while since it’s one of my favorite pairings for summer to fall. 

Switching up cloth or faux leather skirts and pairing them with tanks or sweaters is a great way to get multiple seasons wear out of clothes. It happened to be a bit chillier while we were in Sonoma so I decided to throw on a chunky white knit with the skirt but any summer top could work too. If you are in the market for a faux leather skirt, I can’t recommend this one enough! I think H&M runs small so I would size up and it also comes in a gorgeous camel color. I rounded up just a few select faux leather items I thought were a yes for this season below too! 





Hope you are all having a great start to your week!



green leather skirt

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hm faux leather skirt

womens faux leather skirt



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