Zain’s Closet Refresh Under $100

Jun 1, 2022


Morning! Did you all catch my new Reel

I went on a bit of a cleaning purge last week and Zain’s closet is something I have been meaning to tackle. He has a ton of space but the shelving that’s in there is not the best utilization of the area. I would love to have his closets professionally designed and customized but am holding off till the kids are a little older and have more of an opinion on what it should look like. 

For now, I wanted to get everything off the ground and give him a space to store toys/crafts that are not suitable for Zahra. In general, they share everything but as Zain has been getting older he will get crafts or toys that are age appropriate and I’ve been stuff them all in here so Zahra doesn’t stumble across them. 

I decided to wander around Target with the kids to find a solution and stumbled upon the Brightroom line and fell in love. I don’t think it’s new but it was new to me and I was so impressed with their selection. Everything seemed well made from what I could tell and I loved the designs. Plus, the price point was lower than I’ve seen elsewhere. I grabbed this 4 drawer system (I loved that the drawers could pull in and out), a few baskets, these stackable storage boxes for arts & crafts, and some hooks! 







Check out today’s Reel for how it turned out and let me know if you have any questions! 




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