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Oct 14, 2019


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Morning friends!

Since we recently finished our dining room and feel like our first floor is pretty much complete I started itching to get started on our master bedroom. I wasn’t in a rush to do much to our room when we moved in only because it was one of the only rooms we already owned furniture for. 

Our bed is from a local store in Chicago and several years old as well as our nightstands I bought used from a friend. They all worked seemingly fine so I just purchased new rods, curtains and this art for over the bed. The piece is one of my favorites and by an amazing artist, Holly Addi whom I wish I could afford an original from. 

Now that our bed slats have started to give way and our dresser drawers are getting stuck I thought it was time to update. I have some ideas in mind and still want to keep some elements of the room but definitely find a new bed, nightstands and dresser. 

I asked you all about canopy beds online and got mixed reviews. Most people said they were very loud and squeaky which is unfortunate because I love the way they look! I’ve also been researching four post beds and may go that way. We are lucky that our second floor has very high ceilings so I want to take advantage of that. 

I included where we currently are and some inspiration below as well as pieces I have been mulling over.


Current Situation:

bedroom inspiration

Bed: Old, SimilarNightstands: West Elm | Sheets & Duvet Cover: Brooklinen | Rug: World Market | Art: Artfully Walls | Curtain Rods: West Elm | Curtains: West Elm | Lamps: Target | Pillows: Target


More inspiration:

four post bed

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four post bed

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Pieces I’m eyeing:





If you own or have any opinions feel free to send them my way and happy Monday! 



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