Zain’s At Home Schedule & Activities We Have Loved

Mar 23, 2020

at home toddler activities

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Good morning! 

What day is it exactly? They all seem to run together at this point but we have been doing little things to try to make them more routine and enjoyable for us all. I have been getting a lot of questions as to what we are doing with Zain all day and how his schedule is going, so I thought I would share a loose idea of how it is all flowing! 

I will say, Zain seems very unphased by the self isolation. I’m sure it’s partially due to his age but he is sleeping so much later, napping well and happy as a clam most of the day. I’m sure it’s also because he’s getting more attention around the house than we normally have to give and taking better naps since he’s not at school. Whatever it is, I’m thankful for some extra sleep in the morning since the days can seem long πŸ™‚ 

I want to preface this by saying, we do not stick to this every day and I didn’t set out to write down a schedule and follow it. Last week was new and weird for all of us so I kind of just let things go and this seemed to be the way it worked out most days. 

Some days involve lots more screen time than others and honestly if I could get my child to sit still and watch an entire movie I would gladly do that. Some of our favorite shows currently include any and everything Mickey Mouse, Sesame Street and Bubble Guppies! 


Our General Schedule


8am: Wake, Breakfast & Coffee – I usually try to get Zain involved in cooking since it keeps him occupied and the happiest.

9 -11am: Free Play – We usually go through toys, puzzles, a matching game and some type of indoor sport.

11-12pm: As long as it’s not raining I try to get us outside before lunch to burn off some energy. Very fortunate to have a backyard but we’ve been going on lots of walks also!

12-1pm: Eat lunch and wind down. Depending on the day I will let him watch an episode of Mickey Mouse πŸ™‚ 

1-3:30: Nap

4-5pm: Craft Time! He looks forward to this everyday so I like having it after nap time. It encourages him to take a good nap and he wakes up so excited!

5-6pm: Outdoor Play again if we can manage with the weather.

6pm: Dinner.

7-8pm: Bath and Bedtime.



None of this is set in stone and some days we are just flying by the seat of our pants but I think having this in my head makes it easier on me and him. We are both creatures of habit and schedule so this makes me feel a little more in control. 

We’ve also ordered a few new things to enjoy during craft time and have also been using a few of our toys more than others so I figured I would share what’s been a big hit in our house. Hopefully you have similar things hanging around your house to try! 



Favorite Activities


Kinetic Sand : We loved using this last summer so I ordered a new set for this break. It’s nice that it stays together and doesn’t make a huge mess and I’ve been throwing it in a bin to keep it contained. 

Paper Plate Animals: This is probably the best craft we’ve tried! So inexpensive and we have made one animal plate per day. I will say the tape it comes with is awful so just make sure you have some on hand. Zain is obsessed with them!

Reusable Sticker Book: Stickers that don’t stick to my house? Heaven. 

No Mess Coloring Book: Another hit! Love that I don’t have to worry about these markers getting on anything and I won’t lie, I love doing them too. 

Jumbo Coloring Pads: We’ve had these forever and use them outside for painting and inside with crayons. Can’t recommend enough!

Jumbo Blocks: Another thing we have had forever but these have been crucial to our days. We try to build towers taller than Zain.

Letter Tracing Book: We bought this a few weeks ago since Zain was enjoying working on his letters and numbers on the easel so much. It’s been nice during this break!

Mudpuppy Puzzles: These are our favorite puzzles and we have two that we have been doing daily!

Scissor Activity Kit: This is one we just ordered and haven’t tried yet but I’m sure Zain will go bonkers that he is allowed to use a scissor so I’m hoping it’s a big hit.

Paint Your Own Magnets: Another one we are waiting on but that I am personally excited about πŸ˜‰

Art Easel: If you were thinking of getting one, I would highly recommend it. We got this for Christmas and it keeps Zain entertained for hours. 

Guitar: Including this since I got so many messages about it yesterday! 


Hope this is helpful and make sure to leave your favorite activities that have been keeping you busy below in the comments so we can all use them! 


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