6 Things I Love Right Now

Mar 3, 2022


Sweatshirt: Z Supply (more Z Supply here) | Jeans: Pistola Denim (more Pistola here) | Shoes: Sam Edelman (more SE here



Good morning! 

Whew, it’s only Thursday and it feels like I’ve lived two weeks since Monday 😉 Despite it being a busy week the weather here has been absolutely BEAUTIFUL and we have been taking full advantage. It’s been a minute since I shared one of these posts and I’m not sure why considering they are some of my favorite. If you are new here, I just share 6 things that have been brightening my day or I’ve been enjoying lately and you are free to share yours in the comments!


Pistola Jeans

I randomly came across this brand and immediately ordered when I saw this style! My AGolde Lana Jeans (more AGolde here) are my favorite pair of denim right now and I have been on the hunt for a similar style without distressing for a bit. This pair popped up on sale for under $100 and the fit is perfect. I love that they are a bit stretchier than my other pair and the length is great for dressing up or down. 




My current read that I am about half way through and really invested in. The book follows an Indian-American journalist named Smita who returns to India reluctantly to help a friend on assignment. The story she covers and what unfolds is heartbreaking and may be why it’s taking me longer than usual to pick this up and finish it. 



How to Be a Better Listener

I loved this article! As someone who always thinks to themself, ‘Did I do a good job of listening to my friend?’ after conversations I am always trying improve and this was spot on. 



LCD Writing Tablets

Okay, if you have little one’s or are looking for a gift for a little one I can not rave about these LCD tablets enough. We discovered them when Kelly came to visit and Zain was obsessed with drawing and practicing his letters on it. It’s basically a new age etch a sketch but I love that it is not connected to any other device, it clicks clean, and is super lightweight making it perfect for travel. 



Versed Resurfacing Mask

If you follow me on Instagram, you have likely heard about this mask several times. I recently discovered this brand when I picked up their cleansing balm while in Target and after being impressed snagged this. Let me tell you that this leaves my skin feeling as amazing as the Tata mask that costs 3x as much. Try it!



Suspect Podcast

I know I shared this while I was listening to it a few times but I can’t recommend it enough! The podcast follows the unsolved murder of Arpana Jinaga, who was killed the night of a Halloween party at her Redmond, Washington, apartment complex in 2008. I still can’t believe that I never heard about this crime at the time and the twists and turns this unfolds is mind boggling. If you like true crime, please give it a listen! 




Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 




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