6 Things I Love Right Now

Aug 27, 2021



Good morning and HAPPY FRIDAY!!!


Woof, this has been a week. I don’t know if you all have kids going back to school but I feel like the past two weeks have been jam packed with Back to School activities for the kids which has resulted in me getting very little done for work. I am so looking forward a weekend without Trevor on call to get things done around the house and catch up on work.

I thought another Things I Love post would be a great way to kick off our weekend and I hope you all enjoy these!



Nail Art

I have been lusting after nail art for months and finally snuck away for a manicure My poor technician Anna had quite the job cut out for her since I haven’t had one in like a year. I was so impressed with the salon, not only their covid protocols but their work so if you are local and in search of a place check out House of Color. 



Steam Carpet Cleaner

It has been a while since I busted this bad boy out but it always feels so great! I use it every few months on our sofas and other upholstery and it brings so much joy. It does a great job of picking up stains and dirt I could not get otherwise and when you see the dirt that comes off it will change your life. I always use this solution and suggest it! 



Ear Huggies

I shared these on stories earlier this week but I bought these $13 huggies to wear in my second holes because they had started to close. I never remembered to put something in there and I loved that these had no backing. They have been great and held up well! 



Covid & Kids: Your Questions Answered

Have you listened to this episode of The Daily? It’s the one podcast I listen to everyday and love how it breaks down the news cycle in well researched episodes that are always under 30 minutes. This particular episode was really insightful for me because it fielded questions from parents in so many different scenarios and broke down what they are seeing from the Delta variant when it comes to children. 



High Rise Tapered Pant

It looks like they re-stocked the pants from my latest Reel you all loved today! At least the green was available in most sizes which I love. Full details on them here but they are an amazing work to weekend pant to have on hand!



Malibu Rising

Guys, I am dying to get into this book. I tried to start last week and only made it about 10 pages before something came up and I have not been able to get back to it. Hoping to dive in this weekend but I heard from so many of you that loved it! 




Hope you guys have the best weekend! 



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