6 Things I Love Right Now

Jun 24, 2021

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Good morning and happy Thursday! 

To be honest, this week kind of seems like a blur. We got home from Chicago on Monday and Zain has no summer camps this week so we are all home. It feels like we are just surviving over here trying to stay busy while I unpack and also attempt to organize the kitchen so we can finally use it again.

It’s been a while since I have shared one of the posts and they always make me smile so I figured it was time. In case you are new here, this is just a compilation of things that bring me joy and pieces I think you may love. 




Have you all seen it? I’m not sure how but I had never heard of it before we started it last weekend. It’s HILARIOUS. We just recently watched Mare of Eastown and I loved her in that as well even though it was a completely different role. Hacks is about an ageing comedian with a QVC line that gets paired up with a young writer. Their relationship is hysterical and it’s only 10 episodes so very bingeable. 



The Other Black Girl 

I have been so excited about this book and had absolutely zero time to start it. Things have been a little chaotic lately with no real summer schedule and work but I am determined today. My mom is actually watching the kids for me this afternoon so I can meet a few friends at a pool to have an afternoon to myself and this and a little work is all I have on the schedule!



The Red Target Dress

I shared this new dress I picked up from Target a few weeks back (you can see a better view in my Reel) and it would be perfect for the 4th of July! It also comes in white and a navy print, has pockets, adjustable straps, is stretchy and looks much more expensive than it is in my opinion. Runs TTS! 



Iced Coffee Pods

I have finally had my first iced coffee of the season and now the craving has been unleashed. These are the iced coffee pods I stock up on and I am dying to try the new coconut flavor, have you? 



Best Places to Travel in 2021

Anyone else have the itch to travel again? Trevor and I are currently trying to plan a short getaway next month and we have so many ideas on our list. I had also asked you all over on Instagram for ideas and saved all the responses to a highlight in case you are interested! 



New Paring Knife

I know this may not seem exciting to everyone but this knife has changed my life! Our Place is a brand partner that we love very much but this is not part of our partnership. They recently launched a set of 3 knives and if you are in the market for a new smaller sized knife, get this! It is so insanely sharp and has made my everyday chopping so much easier. 



Hope you all have a wonderful day!


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