6 Things I Love Right Now

May 26, 2022

Good morning! 

How is everyone’s week going? We are still recovering from the week long celebration of Zain’s birthday 😉 We didn’t do much for his birthday last year and it happened to coincide with the end of school this year so we made everyday somewhat of a celebration. We took the kids to a Hibachi grill last night and it was a blast! Zain hadn’t been since he was tiny and Zahra had never been and they were absolutely mesmerized. Highly recommend! 

Today’s post is an another installment of Things I Love Right Now and one of my favorite things to put together. Just random things that have been sparking joy and exciting me lately! 



Method Hand Soap

So, I saw everything going around that this was a Le Labo dupe and it 100% is. This little $6 hand soap smells heavenly and I ended up going back and stocking up on them while I was there! 


Dial A For Aunties

If you are looking for a fun and light read, this book was a treat! As an avid suspense and thriller enthusiast I was looking for something lighter and a few of you recommended this. It’s witty, provides insight into a culture I wasn’t as familiar with, and just warms your heart while making you laugh through a murder. Sounds odd but give it a try! 


Pasta Salad

I have been on a pasta salad kick since the weather has warmed up and just whipped up a very similar recipe to this last week and have been eating the leftovers every day. Do you all have any tried and true pasta salad recipes to share? 


J.Crew Swim

After many years, I ordered a couple J.Crew swimsuits since they are running their big 50% swim sale. I received so much feedback about them and how amazing they are so I am excited for them to come in for the holiday weekend and hopefully get to wear them! I ordered this ruched style and this one shoulder suit


You Were Wrong About That

I recently listened to an episode on Forensic Science that I thought was so interesting! If you haven’t ever tried this podcast, it’s a good one and she covers different topics every episode. 


Target Citronella Candle

This was another impulse buy when browsing Target but I stocked up and have already been burning them. For some reason, I always feel like citronella candles are overpriced so snagging these now on sale made me very happy! 



Hope you all have wonderful long weekend plans and get to soak up some pool time somewhere! 



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