3 Perfect Spring Lipsticks

Mar 29, 2016


spring lipsticks

With spring and summer now totally in swing I thought I would share some of my new favorite shades for the season. As a recovering lipstick hater (I used to hide from my sorority sisters that tried to make me wear it for events) I have come a long way and learned to love them as I’ve gotten older. So much so that I can’t imagine living without them now!

Granted, I don’t wear lipstick during the work week so whenever I head out on the weekends or a special weeknight I don’t feel put together unless I have it on. I love everything from a bold pop of color to a classic nude and think they all ‘pop’ in different ways.

  1. Classic Red: A classic red is always in season in my book but I feel like it has really made a come back this year. You can pair it with anything from boyfriend jeans and a stripe tee to a black dress and it works flawlessly.
  2. Bright Pink: This pink shade is a new one for me and I was a little hesitant to try it after just glancing at the shade. However, once I put it on it turned into the prettiest purple pink shade that stayed all day. Lancôme was a new brand of lipsticks for me and now I am in love. I know I have raved about them on Instagram lately but they really last and don’t dry out my lips like so many others.
  3. Neutral Nude: A good nude shade is needed year round and I recently found a few I love. They are perfect to pair with a bolder outfit and during the day for just a subtle hint of color.

I am not someone who uses a lip pencil only because I have pretty full lips already but if you do use I would recommend a subtler shade to line and then you can really blend it all together. Let me know what shades you guys are loving this season and if there are any other brands I need to be exploring!

Also, on a quick Instagram side note I thought I would share a few thoughts after all the chaos I saw on social media yesterday. I will be the first to admit I love Instagram. For me, it started well before I had a blog because I am an extremely visual person and love creative imagery. It’s a great way to explore new communities (obsess over home decor mostly!) but people can easily get wrapped up in it just like any other social media. Instagram has been discussing changing it’s algorithm in essence making it more like Facebook. They would now choose what they think you want to see instead of your news feed being chronological. This way they can better target audiences for advertising and therefore charge more for that service. I don’t think the changes have gone into effect yet but over the last few weeks I have noticed changes here and there which I assume is them testing different components.

I have to admit I was a bit turned off by all the requests I saw yesterday asking me to ‘turn on post notifications’ and hope that this doesn’t become the norm. I don’t know about you but I hate things popping up on my phone – hence why I have no notifications for anything turned on. Doing so won’t guarantee you will always see this person in your timeline it just means that every time they post on Instagram you will get a text alert telling you – yikes. I hope my social media is always a fun creative way to express myself but the core of my content and love is here on this blog! So, I will do my best to bring you awesome content here and on social media including Instagram and if you already ‘like’ and comment on my posts nothing should change and if not that’s okay too!

spring lipsticks


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  1. I’m SO into the classic red these days as the “pop of red” is really in right now! 🙂 Loved this post, Shaheen! 🙂

    Kelly | Kelly in the City

  2. Lauren Nolan says:

    Now that spring is coming, I want to wear all the pinks!! I might need a new lancome shade… 🙂 And yes, the instagram freak out was real haha I’m not really worried about it! I like your photos all the time, so I know I’ll keep seeing your pretty pics!! 🙂
    Lauren | http://www.lakeshorelady.com/

  3. People are definitely like sheep.. haha. But like you said, those people that like our content every day.. will keep on seeing them.

  4. Jenn Lake says:

    I’ve never been much of a lipstick girl either!! Trying to change my mind about it, and this post helps break it down. And save us from this Insta drama! Your content is always wonderful!

  5. Anna Baun says:

    I’m such a lipstick girl! And you can never go wrong with a good pink and red! Love these shades! XO

    Anna || A Lily Love Affair

  6. SarahLagen says:

    I love wearing a bright and fun lipstick but recently started using a nude — it’s fun to try something new and different! 🙂 oh the insta drama… you alway’s have great content, I know I’ll keep seeing it! 🙂

    xo, Sarah