3 Kitchen Gadgets I Can’t Live Without

Feb 17, 2022

Good morning! 

How is everyone’s week going? I have a busy day at work but am already counting down the hours till the weekend. Zain is off school Friday and Monday and Zahra doesn’t go to school those days so we have a long weekend ahead of us with some very exciting house guests! I will definitely share more over on stories but I we are ecstatic they are coming to stay with us and can NOT wait. 

The other week someone asked about my plastic blade package opener and I was inspired to write this post because these things make me very happy 😉 I shared a quick Reel this morning and thought saving these here in a more permanent place would be helpful.


Ceramic Box Cutter

When I tell you this is the most amazing gadget, I do not exaggerate! Opens packages in a second and the blade is not sharp at all. Highly recommend!


Mini Lighter

So nice to have for lighting candles without taking up a ton of drawer space! I also have this more sleek looking electric lighter but it’s my second one and the first one died out kind of quick.


Garbage Disposal Tablet

Ever think your garbage disposal stinks? Yea, same. I love their tabs and use them for our washing machine, garbage disposal and dishwasher.



Hope one or more of these bring you some joy in the kitchen! 



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